Yianni Stamas Talks About Change and Making a Difference Through Entrepreneurship

Guest Blogger

We are happy to bring you digital author and website manager Yianni Stamas. He is going to talk about change and making a difference through entrepreneurship. He will also introduce three blogs with related content.

Hard Work Pays Off

Hi everyone, Yianni here. As you know, this has been a week of justice served. Or at least for the moment. This has been a historic week, and one that I made certain that my 12-year-old daughter understood. I wanted her to realize that what happened this week was made possible in part due to the hard work of activists and advocates who had for many years pushed forward to make their voices and communities heard. It was great to see some of the people who I have admired for quite some time, being able to witness the unfolding of what they had strived toward for quite a long time. This case had a positive outcome, but the fight continues. Thanks to those who have made a difference.

Different Ways of Making a Difference

On a related note, others continue to make a difference in their own communities and in different ways. The causes may shift in terms of public focus, but the impact on society is felt nonetheless. Acknowledging the sometimes-unseen warriors is something we believe is important. It is inspiring to others that there are human beings out there who are trying to make a difference in this world. Not all attempts to make a difference pan out in the immediate sense, but little by little these seeds grow.

Small Things Can Help to Change the World

There are many ways to make a difference in everyday life. You can aspire to be a good role model for your child or challenged youths. You can take a job or start a business that not only provides you with an income, but at the same time you are helping those in need. You can volunteer for a nonprofit organization whose mission aligns with your own beliefs. You can volunteer to help a good cause such as working at a food pantry that serves the disenfranchised. And so on.

The Best of All Possible Worlds

Of the examples we gave in our listing of ways of making a difference, one of the most powerful (if it turns out right), can have a big impact on your community. We are speaking of the method of making a difference that can occur by starting a business that makes you a living while simultaneously enables you to help others.

The Evolution of Entrepreneurship

Word of mouth, media coverage, television shows like Shark “Tank” plus many other triggers, have all played a part in building awareness that entrepreneurship can be a viable choice when trying to figure out what you want to do with your life.

Change through Being an Entrepreneur

Three publications from the “Blog Coalition” look at different ways that all of us can help, if we are interested in doing so. We can take on helping with the move toward change by embarking on ventures as entrepreneurs. The three blogs that talk about these sorts of ideas in various incarnations are:

USA Create


USA eLearning

These three sites are of course from the 60 or so that are participating in the “Blog Coalition.” Have a great weekend!