Directions for a New World

Yianni Stamas Shares Missions of Making a Difference Regarding Housing for Artists in New York as well as How to Save NYC Together

Two Causes and Three Blogs

Hi. Yianni here. I am fortunate today to be simultaneously appearing on three additional blogs which are NYC Housing Lottery, Over 50 USA and Save NYC Together. I am working to get out a message of hope to artists who are seeking housing, as well as ways to save NYC together as seen at the relatively new Save NYC Together website.

The Process to Save NYC Together Might be Simpler than it Seems

Although we hear repeatedly that we can make a difference if we come together, some of us have gotten jaded over the years, and although we want to believe it, we have our doubts. I understand this thinking because I also have these kinds of thoughts. Though, as ambitious as the plan to save NYC together may sound, participating in the cause is easier than one would imagine.

Spread the Word

All it takes to join the mission to save NYC together is to remind those in your life, especially people who live in Manhattan or other boroughs, the importance of knowing that we can save NYC together. That is it. Not too difficult, right? Other forms of spreading the news could include blogging and other forms of digital communication.

Quick Appearances

Though briefly, as mentioned, I am on three other blogs today, including:

NYC Housing Lottery

Over 50 USA

Save NYC Together