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With Marketing, Making a Difference Can Be Magic

The Tools to Bring People Together

Did you know that you can learn a lot about marketing for community events that make a difference by studying the craft of magician entertainers? Magicians employ some of the same kind of psychological techniques as promoters do. For this USA Make a Difference installment, we wish to thank the creators of 3 of the magic tricks websites that are a part of the Blog Coalition. These include Houdini Day, Invent Mentalism and Magic Neighbors.

Houdini Day takes a look at how Harry Houdini used publicity and marketing to become the most famous magician in the world even after his death in 1926.

Invent Mentalism examines mentalism and how certain aspects of it can help in the sales process.

“Magic Neighbors” uncovers the relationship that prestidigitation has to marketing for the community.