Make a Difference and Grow Your Business

Those of us from “USA Make a Difference” have magically reappeared. Much planning and more has been going on offstage. We evaluated and decided to change our workflow a bit. The reason for this is that we are currently engaged in a plan to reach more people than we currently do so that we can bring as many folks as possible into the mission to make a difference as you grow your business.

Working in Private for the Moment

Unfortunately, we are unable to disclose much at this time to give this phase of change a chance to do what it needs to do, without being seen. Like the studies of documentary filmmakers and how when filming wildlife, they essentially impact and change the behavior of the animals based on being there with their cameras. I guess we are the “wildlife” and need to graze and plan without the lens pointed to us.

The Learning Process

With careers as a magician, filmmaker, and marketer in the rearview mirror but still accessible, this is the period in which we usher in being educators. Ultimately why we are doing this is to bring education into the fold. This has been the long-term plan of course, getting a SUNY undergraduate and CUNY graduate degrees here in NYC in my ‘50’s (an age range I am still participating in) was done with the intention to have a base for being able to navigate throughout the learning process.

eCommerce as a Safety Income Stream

Some businesses, due to the pandemic, have been looking into eCommerce as a possible expansion of what they are doing, or in some cases trying to set up an additional income stream to add a layer of protection in case anything like Covid happened again. Of course, not all business models allow for being able to have an eCommerce store, but for those businesses for which eCommerce has potential, 3 blogs from the Blog Coalition have each provided their take on selling things online. And the cool thing is that they are all magicians who, like other magicians in this era of the pandemic, are considering eCommerce and other digital strategies as extra income streams. On each blog you will gain insight in the eCommerce process if that holds any interest for you.

The Latest 3 Blogs Looked at from the Blog Coalition

The most recent 3 websites are all helmed by magicians with an interest in tech as an entrepreneurial pathway. The prestidigitator blogs can be reached by clicking on the one of the websites below that is of interest to you. Enjoy the eCommerce magic shows.

Manhattan Magician
Marketer Magician
USA Magicians