Directions for a New World

USA Make a Difference by Insisting Our Politicians do the Job they are Supposed to do

Uncle Sam is a Bank for Some

We have had time to see and better understand America. And even though we are in a USA Divided there is hope. Yes, there are a lot of Americans who would like to see us all be more unified as a nation.

We may never be the word that can be found in the name of our country. That word of course is UNITED States. United is hard but at least being a USA Unified would be a great first step.

Magic is indeed possible but currently we live in a metaphorical magic show with the politicians up to their tricks.

Ironically, USA Magicians are some of the most honest people in the U.S., because when they perform a magic you know you are seeing is entertainment and is an illusion. But when you watch the participants of our government, our elected officials, now more than ever, on both sides, one has to wonder “How did we get here?”

Finally, higher quality and more intelligent individuals would want to go into politics, if instead of the incentive for becoming a politician being to get lots and lots of moolah from special interest, but instead was a noble job of doing the will of the people who elected them and pay their salary.