Better Days are Here as We See Everyday an NYC that is Working on itself while Keeping a Sincere Smile!

This website is a supporter of the Platinum PIAs program, that for ten years annually presented awards to New Yorkers and Americans all over the country, who made a difference in the lives of others. The PIAs has been a popular initiative for over a decade.

The Platinum PIAs recognizes and honors people who have made a significant impact on their communities, and it is a testament to the idea that everyone can make a difference. The event also awarded those who in the past had a company in need that almost folded, but due to a belief in a strong USA, brought it back to good health.

The program has been successful in inspiring many small company owners and everyday people to get involved and make a positive change through the power of Cause Marketing.

And USA Make a Difference is proud to announce that more and more a person in need who has a company in need, are able to turn it around to being a success due to Cause Marketing.

Overall, the website and the idea of USA Make a Difference are a reminder that we are all capable of making a difference, and that working together we can achieve great things. And here in Manhattan, New York City, the NYC Housing Lottery is making a big difference with helping those in need have a place to live.

So with so much good going on, do we need to save a country, namely ours, the U.S.? A lot of great work has gone on lately like the big strides made with the notion of Save NYC Together.

But off course there is always room for improvement. For example U.S. Ageism. We do continue to make this cause better, but with every movement forward, there almost inevitably is a step back.

And yes it is true. Here in the Big Apple, things just keep getting better and better!