Getting Along

The Passion for Making a Difference Continues

Lifting Up Lives

We here at USA Make a Difference are proud of the impact we are able to have with your help. We are an organization not only for the lifting up the lives of human beings but also other creatures we share this planet with. Today, January 5th, is one such celebration and cause that is known as National Bird Day.

Don’t Support the Capture of Birds

National Bird Day focuses on helping birds to be left alone in the wild while discouraging the a capture of them to be sold to pet stores and then the public.

Make a Difference Via Having a Cause You Believe in

Three groups that are engaged in making a difference in this cause today, including the Platinum PIAs (closed but still involved with activism), US Make a Difference (note the “US” instead of “USA”) and Corona Virus After. We have provided these links in the hope that you will join us in building visibility for this important cause.