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METHOD HOW the “USA Make a Difference” Newsletter Changed its Name

It has been an interesting transition. If you subscribed to the newsletter for this site, then you know what I am talking about. For a couple of years, up until a few months ago, we had a terrific report that we would send out, each time in a creative and original incarnation.

Then recently it became clear that what was needed was a “METHOD HOW Report,” meaning that we would develop a new METHOD HOW to do something that was useful to Business Owners, especially those who fit into the “U.S. in Need” Paradigm, meaning that they suffered throughout the thickest part of the Pandemic and now their company is holding on by a string.

So we immediately went to work developing strategies. Creating little short step-by-step plan in just 10 easy steps. The idea was that rather then having to plow through hundreds of pages in an eBook, now you could get exactly what you needed instantly online.

Well when that project got launched we realized that the best way to describe this process was METHOD HOW. So we suggested that METHOD HOW take over the newsletter because the primary audience of it are business owners and others in businesses of various kinds.

We were impressed with the way the strategies were laid out and saw the possibilities of how being able to have a simple and effective strategic plan in just 10 steps, this would open up the doors, especially for businesses that are suffering and need an edge of some kind that would enable them to be able to grow again while they made a difference in their community.

So we flat out suggested that METHOD HOW take over the newsletter and start to call it the “METHOD HOW Report.” I saw it right away how this changing of hands could truly make a difference in the lives of small business owners who are licking their wounds having gotten a horrible bashing around thanks to dear COVID.

And then there were all the other wonderful (not) things that are happening and really have a negative impact on small business owners including inflation, flash mob theft, a country divided, gas prices and on and on.

So it would be quite handy to have a guide to very quickly follow the steps. And these strategies, with a new one each week on the “METHOD HOW Newsletter,” are completely free to businesses that are suffering and fit into the “U.S. in Need” status. We get asked what is the METHOD HOW to get on the “METHOD HOW Report” list and receive their reports?

The answer is that at this time when they are beta testing strategies, this is fine for their current subscribers because they have the benefit of having been following this process weekly and understand what is going on. Anyone else at this stage would get very confused.

That said, there is talk of maybe opening itself up to new subscribers after the testing has been completed. I will keep you in the loop about this or you can check to see when the new METHOD HOW website will be launched by going to the site which currently has a “Coming Soon” page.

Directions for a New World

Is “USA Make a Difference” Really Handing Over their Email Newsletter to the “Method How” Report?

Welcome Startup Introverts to a “Method How” to “Make a Difference!”

A Newsletter that for Two Years Has Not Let in Any New Subscribers!

It has been nearly two years since “USA Make a Difference” stepped in and took the reins of their current newsletter from an entity that had been running the publication for a few years before that. And ever since USA Make a Difference took over, they never let in new subscribers.

No New Subscribers Allowed for Around Two Years!

They were happy to deliver new weekly content to their existing email list, which as it turns out, were and are a pretty loyal group. There were very few unsubscribes happening during that 24-month period which continues, because still no new signups are being allowed. And yet, according to analytics, the newsletter has had a high amount of opens throughout the “USA Make a Difference” time period.

Diary of a Startup Introvert

So, will all this good news why is the “USA Make a Difference” Newsletter now being handed over to “Method How” with its new name being the “Method How” Report? As of this writing “Method How” does not have a web presence and is more of a term used to describe an ambitious project focused on introverts. Specifically, introverts in business, calling themselves: “Startup Introverts.”

Thumbs Up Introverts!

But to clarify, it is not that a bunch of quiet souls are taking over the reins. Not exactly anyway. It will still be a part of the “USA Make a Difference” mission of, well, making a difference. U.S.A.M.A,D. is one of the community websites of the “Blog Coalition” family.

Strategies for Introverts!

Changing the name to “Method How” is a more succinct description of what the content is going to be about moving forward. There will be previews being given of new short term “business success strategies,” each strategy with its own purpose and outcome.

A Strategic Approach

“Method How” will be about the “Method How” new strategies are being developed. It will be focused on helping small business owners, Mom and Pops and those with an idea for a business, to maximize their results with a strategic approach!

Directions for a New World

A Question for American Artists, Businesspeople and ArtisticPreneurs: are You on Your DOER PATH?!

So, on the Yianni Stamas blog site there is a brief article that actually mentions us. Why? To be a part of a post that attempts to very briefly talk about the process of going from being a Dreamer into Doer.

Do You Want to Go from Being a “Dreamer into Doer?”

The idea of being a Doer, as well as the concept of getting onto your “Doer Path” is a movement that is growing. Slowly? Yes. But still becoming larger and larger every day.

In the Face of Destruction, the Believers Rise Up

As of the first third time period now in 2022, many of us are awestruck by when taking in the coming together and focus on fighting for what they believe in.” We are talking about strength and belief in unity, can make a difference. If this is a belief, there is no losing in the end. Winning is showing up every day aligned with others in your life.

Sometimes what We Do is Not the Priority

The unspeakable violence against a group of peaceful people is centerstage. Therefore, talking about anything else appears inadequate and not up to the level of the other in importance.

Certainly, starting an awards show, pales in comparison?

An Awards Show is the Least of Priorities

We can do what we can to help the cause, whether it be to volunteer with nonprofits, or spreading the word online. That said, we must all still live our lives and try to make what we do, to be helpful to the larger causes in this world today.

Hence, what possible justification does starting an awards show have to do with in the big pictures. How can this matter and make a difference.

“What is with the Mention of Awards?”

And all this as we face the virus and a window into destruction overseas. So, what are Americans to do? Is intensified violence with others joining the fight, going to happen? Why then start a celebration during which the hard work of others on a cause is recognized?

For some, starting an awards show is their way of making a difference by recognizing those who make a difference. Testing in this area has worked for use and lasted for a decade. What awards show is it? The Platinum PIAs.

That is why we say to you:

“American artists and businesspeople, are you ready?”


Tragedy Struck Last Friday Here in NYC and will Hopefully Lead to New Mayor Adams STOPPING the Violence – but will He?!

Stop the Violence in NYC

Manhattan, NY, Two Police Officers Die, New Mayor Vows Change

In the moment it was riveting. The new mayor of NYC, Eric Adams, vowed to make change. This was on last Friday. A young police officer was killed and a second injured, then days later passed. At the initial response on Friday, Adams says “It is us against the killers.” Nice idea. Spoken with conviction. But what has he actually done thus far to ensure this kind of thing will not happen again? He has so far been pushing for a safety program to be reinstated, but many oppose it. Will he be successful at actually curbing violence? Someone gets shot pretty much weekly, within a few blocks radius of where I live with my wife and our daughter. Will Addams be effective at stopping this?

Why Do Most Politicians Not Do What They Were Elected to Do?

Sadly, in this terrific country, the USA, we elect politicians to make a difference and most never do. This site is about “making a difference,” and unlike most of us, ironically, politicians actually get paid (and well I might add) to make a difference but do not! Why? Is it because their coffers are subsidized by special interest? Are there other monetary opportunities behind the scenes we do not know about, that entice them into doing nothing? Or are they just plain awful at their jobs, but good at lying about what they will accomplish if elected? In other other words are they:

Good at getting elected.

But bad at their job?

Taking Steps to Steps Not Taken

Politicians here in NYC have been promising for years to curb violence in the greatest city in the world. Unfortunately, as is to be expected, not much has occurred in the form of actual action steps taken. It’s like the old riddle:

Q: How can you tell if a politician is lying?

A: Their mouth is moving.

Taking On Transformation in Manhattan and the Burroughs

Regarding the taking on of violence here in our city, to be fair, navigating through the special interest in any politics is not easy. The hope of voters with each new official we the people bring into being, is that the individual will somehow be not encumbered by their own personal paydays, yet at the same time, have enough influence to make a difference.

The Blockade Known as Catch 22

It is a true Catch 22 of course, in which a politician’s momentum to create change is in direct proportion to the amount to their price to keep politics as usual in place. Increase one, and the there is a diminishing of the other, and vice versa. So, it is difficult to say whether or not our new mayor Eric Adams is going to be effective at all.

New York City Reinvention

Gosh Darn, it is New Year’s Eve, Just Hours Before 2022, and We are Taking a Look at Three Blogs, each with a Mission to “Give Back” and “Make a Difference,” Come Together to Answer Three Questions…

Blog Coalition, Platinum PIAs and Save NYC, all have three things in common:

They all have a mission to give back and make a difference.

They all want to learn about you and what you want to see more of.

And finally, they all do not update their sites as often as they would like.

Therefore, the three questions we have for each of them, are:

1. What is your mission and are you achieving it?

2. Are you learning about what your visitors want to see more of, and if so, are you giving it to them?

3. And finally, do you have a plan to update your site as often as you would like?

Blog Coalition was the first to answer the three questions.

Our mission is to, through multiple blogs, provide more digital learning, and we have a few work-in-progress projects in development, but have not gone public with any of them, therefore we are not achieving our mission. And we are not learning about what our visitors want to see more of either, mainly because we have not set up yet a way for them to do so. We do have a plan to update our site today, but otherwise are not updating as often as we would like.

Here is how Platinum PIAs responded to the three questions.

Even though after 10 years of annual awards show both in-person and online we have stopped doing that, we are successfully continuing our mission, which is to recognize those who are making a difference in their community. We do learn from and integrate feedback from our visitors, but these are people we already communicate with, but have not set up any method that the general public could contact us. Online we are still not updating out site as often as we would like, but our other activities that are in line with our mission are going quite well.

Finally, here is what we received in terms of the three questions from Save NYC Together.

At Save NYC Together our mission is facilitate New Yorkers and other lovers of the five boroughs, so that we truly can Save NYC Together. Although we do not have a way that we can be contacted online, we are in touch with our ever-growing group, and when we learn of something they want to see, we do our best to give it to them. Unfortunately, we do not have a plan to update our site as often as we would like. And although it is not seen on our website, we are making headway to Save NYC Together. And an important side note is that we are not actively trying to create the “Old” New York, but instead are letting the new and exciting “New” New York reveal itself!


Yianni Stamas Talks About How to Start a Home Business and Make a Difference

Help Your Community

Hello. I am Yianni Stamas, and today I am going to do my best to briefly share my thoughts on the topic of starting a home business. Having a home business can not only bring in an income for you, but also can help you with becoming involved with the process of helping your community.. If you are a parent, depending on the age of your kid or kids, making a difference can be a lot of fun because making a difference in your community can be fun for everyone. My wife and I collaborated on the mission to bring together all parents and their kids because our neighborhood is divided, therefore if we can get rid of there being a divide, it can be a part of healing our neighborhood in Northern Manhattan, NY. We worked on this the most when our child was very young and we created several live events that everyone was invited to. Feedback was positive, some even thanking us for bringing everyone together. This feedback was inspiring and motivated us to do more.

Working 9 to 5 Can Help you Develop Your “Side Hustle”

If you have a “9 to 5” job, this which means that you can develop your side hustle with more confidence, because of knowing that you always have a source of income. This allows you to take the time to research and make plans to turn your side hustle into your main hustle. If this stuff is new to you, in one of the other 3 blogs I am guest blogging for today, are a couple of steps that will hopefully helpful for you. These 4 steps can be found in today’s post on Home Business Achievers.

Making a Difference is Easy, Starting and Running a Home Business Can Be Challenging

Making a difference in your community can be an aspect of what you do when running your home business. Having a positive impact on society can start with something as basic as volunteering to help a cause you believe in. There are so many great causes. If you have an idea of how you might want to help your neighborhood, a simple search for that kind of volunteerism will reveal the opportunities that exist in your community.

Developing a Home Business has Many Walls to Jump Over or Even Break Through.

But if, for whatever reason, you do not want to be involved with any of the currently existing chances to make a difference, you always have the option to start your own. In fact, if possible, combine making a difference with your new home business. If doing what you do as a business simultaneously helps your community, all the better. But as you will see (or already know) starting and then profitably running a home business is not easy. But please, if you are in the idea phase and are only thinking about starting a home business and do not already have one, it “ain’t easy,” which is why every home business owner who is successful deserves a Home Business Award.

What Matters Most is What You Do BEFORE You Start Your Home Business

The future of whether your home business will be “successful or not” often rests in the research and planning you have done in advance. Also, you do not necessarily have to start a brick and mortar in-person retail store, especially now in the pandemic, because you also have available to you online opportunities in the realm of Home Business Digital. But keeping with the in-person business model for a moment, as I am writing this what comes to mind is what I thought at the time was a pretty funny skit in a very old (yes, I am old enough to have seen it live) episode of “Saturday Night Live.” In the skit someone has started an in-person retail store that only offers multiple kinds of scotch tape. The humor is in the realization that such a business was not going to work out, because people are not really interested in a business that only sells scotch tape. In other words, if the research had been done in advance to determine if the public would be drawn to a shop that only offers scotch tape, the money and time it took to start it could have been avoided. Making a plan means you can really think through the possibility of starting a home business that also helps people in their lives.

But in Reality

Okay, I have to admit, I was not so swift with the research thing myself. At least not research that was thorough and careful. Many of the businesses that I have started that eventually were successful, began out of shear and utter desperation. Yes, needing to make a living was a big motivator, but sometimes it has to do with circumstances you are in. In the best case scenario you find a need that helps your community. But other kinds of personal circumstance that lead to starting your own business can involve other factors. For example, years ago I had what was essentially a night shift position. I started work extremely early then stopped before noon. Then went back at night and worked to an extremely late hour. The person I was seeing at the time hated my work hours because of it caused them to have sleep deprivation. The demand was that I get a job with a “more normal” schedule. Pretty much I was being told to do this or I was going to be dumped. In retrospect I realized that I probably should have just ended the relationship myself at that point. But at the time the threat motivated me intensely to start my own business for which I would be in charge of my work hours. So, I threw a business together very quickly that thankfully was successful for a number of years. Ironically though, the person I was seeing soon thereafter left me anyway. But I was able to walk away from the relationship with a thriving business.

Last Thoughts

Hopefully this has been a little bit helpful if you are starting your own home business. The main message I am leaving you with I guess is that you can succeed at starting a home business regardless of what your personal circumstances are, and that if you take the time to plan it, it gives you a better chance at starting a business that helps your community. As I hinted at earlier, I am on “guest blogger duty” at 3 other Blog Coalition sites almost simultaneously. What I mean by this is that I am writing short posts for each of them today. The three other blogs take a look at the home business process also as can be seen at Home Business Achievers, Home Business Awards and Home Business Digital.

Directions for a New World

Yianni Stamas Shares Missions of Making a Difference Regarding Housing for Artists in New York as well as How to Save NYC Together

Two Causes and Three Blogs

Hi. Yianni here. I am fortunate today to be simultaneously appearing on three additional blogs which are NYC Housing Lottery, Over 50 USA and Save NYC Together. I am working to get out a message of hope to artists who are seeking housing, as well as ways to save NYC together as seen at the relatively new Save NYC Together website.

The Process to Save NYC Together Might be Simpler than it Seems

Although we hear repeatedly that we can make a difference if we come together, some of us have gotten jaded over the years, and although we want to believe it, we have our doubts. I understand this thinking because I also have these kinds of thoughts. Though, as ambitious as the plan to save NYC together may sound, participating in the cause is easier than one would imagine.

Spread the Word

All it takes to join the mission to save NYC together is to remind those in your life, especially people who live in Manhattan or other boroughs, the importance of knowing that we can save NYC together. That is it. Not too difficult, right? Other forms of spreading the news could include blogging and other forms of digital communication.

Quick Appearances

Though briefly, as mentioned, I am on three other blogs today, including:

NYC Housing Lottery

Over 50 USA

Save NYC Together

Community Activities

Yianni Stamas reflects on 10 years of producing the Platinum PIAs, the community awards show

When looking for people who make it a part of their life “to try to make a difference,” Yianni Stamas certainly fits the bill. Although in some ways the pandemic is easing up a bit, variants have made an entrance. Therefore, we did not do the interview in person, but emailed him 3 questions.

Here are those questions with Yianni’s responses.

How did you come up with the Platinum PIAs idea?

I booked the Tribeca Screening Room far in advance, thinking I was going to be screening some film stuff I had been working on, back when I was a filmmaker of sorts. At the screening date got nearer, I panicked and realized there was no way I was going to have what I was working on ready. But rather than cancelling the booking, I thought it might be fun to do a community awards show. My wife and I had done volunteer work as performers for kids and community was important to us. With about a week or so to prepare we threw together the first annual Platinum PIAs Awards that continued annually for a decade. The premise was simple which was to recognize those in NYC communities who were making a difference. We gave PIAs to pharmacy owners, actors, dentists, heads of nonprofits, teachers, librarians and more. It was a lot of fun, and a community grew around the PIAs who would show up each year that we were live and in person.

I have heard a variety of different answers to this one, but what is “PIA” an acronym for?

I honestly do not know. I think there was a reason I used “PIA” but swiftly forgot it. Hence, it was embarrassing when talking to reports, because they would of course ask me that question. So, in every interview it would be a different three words. I think that “PIA” stands for whatever anyone wants it to be.

What was your most favorite year of staging the Platinum PIAs?

You would think I would say the year we had a Hollywood style upscale version of it, but that was not it, although it was a fun one. I would have to say any of the ceremonies my friend Rodger was in. He was an amazing person and was an author and librarian who I also did a lot of education work with at various NYPL branches. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago.

Ideas out of Adversity

Fighting the storm to achieve making a difference with marketing.

Confronting an actual storm led to exploring a metaphorical one.

A record storm happened here in New York City day before yesterday that resulted in streets flooding, 15 or more mice at one time trying to swim to safety and having to wade through sometimes chest high water levels in the subway station near us.

Facing the storm.

My wife and our daughter when returning home got caught in the thick of it. Thankfully, they made it home safely, no worse for wear. They succeeded in facing the storm, but what about the metaphorical storm that you might be facing with your business when doing marketing?

Obstacles that seem to come out from thin air.

Storms can sometimes start building against you without you even knowing about it. Challenges you face sometimes are generated by you trying to do the right thing, yet you find yourself chastised. Because regardless of how good your intentions are, others for whatever reason may view it in a negative manner.

Looking for inspiration.

So, what is the point then? The point is to keep on going on. And this week there is inspiration from three blogs that are a part of the collective known as the Blog Coalition. The sites are Web Design Magician, Big Apple Awards and the Platinum PIAs. Each blog gives you online marketing information that you can use to promote your search to make a difference so that others are impacted by it.

Web Design Magician asks “Can you design your future in the form of a website?”

Big Apple Awards attempts to uncover “How to figure out who your niche audience is.”

Platinum PIAs comes through with the “Top 10 Completely Free Online Business Marketing Strategies for Plan Users.”

Community Marketing Magic

USA Make a Difference & Magically Pull eCommerce Out of Your Hat

Make a Difference and Grow Your Business

Those of us from “USA Make a Difference” have magically reappeared. Much planning and more has been going on offstage. We evaluated and decided to change our workflow a bit. The reason for this is that we are currently engaged in a plan to reach more people than we currently do so that we can bring as many folks as possible into the mission to make a difference as you grow your business.

Working in Private for the Moment

Unfortunately, we are unable to disclose much at this time to give this phase of change a chance to do what it needs to do, without being seen. Like the studies of documentary filmmakers and how when filming wildlife, they essentially impact and change the behavior of the animals based on being there with their cameras. I guess we are the “wildlife” and need to graze and plan without the lens pointed to us.

The Learning Process

With careers as a magician, filmmaker, and marketer in the rearview mirror but still accessible, this is the period in which we usher in being educators. Ultimately why we are doing this is to bring education into the fold. This has been the long-term plan of course, getting a SUNY undergraduate and CUNY graduate degrees here in NYC in my ‘50’s (an age range I am still participating in) was done with the intention to have a base for being able to navigate throughout the learning process.

eCommerce as a Safety Income Stream

Some businesses, due to the pandemic, have been looking into eCommerce as a possible expansion of what they are doing, or in some cases trying to set up an additional income stream to add a layer of protection in case anything like Covid happened again. Of course, not all business models allow for being able to have an eCommerce store, but for those businesses for which eCommerce has potential, 3 blogs from the Blog Coalition have each provided their take on selling things online. And the cool thing is that they are all magicians who, like other magicians in this era of the pandemic, are considering eCommerce and other digital strategies as extra income streams. On each blog you will gain insight in the eCommerce process if that holds any interest for you.

The Latest 3 Blogs Looked at from the Blog Coalition

The most recent 3 websites are all helmed by magicians with an interest in tech as an entrepreneurial pathway. The prestidigitator blogs can be reached by clicking on the one of the websites below that is of interest to you. Enjoy the eCommerce magic shows.

Manhattan Magician
Marketer Magician
USA Magicians