Making a Difference for Businesses

The Challenge to Survive

If you want to make a difference in people’s lives, one of the ways you can do this is by providing them with education and strategies that they can utilize to make their small businesses (or any venture) stronger. This is especially important these days when, because of COVID-19, small business owners are having a hard time surviving and some have even lost their companies entirely.

What is Digital Transformation?

It is for this reason that this week we are bringing you information that we hope you will find helpful for applying to your own business or to pass on to someone you know. In this blog, we recently spoke of the importance of digital transformation so that your business can weather the storm, even when providing in-person services are not possible due to blockades such as the pandemic. So, what is Digital Transformation? It is having as many of your products and services as possible be able to be implemented digitally without having to depend on in-person activity.

Positive Digital Transformation Stories

We are fortunate to have had success with various digital businesses products and services. This includes Video Film Web, Art Gush and NYC Workshops. With VFW we were able to do things like creating websites regardless of them having proximity or not. Art Gush is now a consultancy firm able to help others via phone or video chat. And finally NYC Workshops now does on demand virtual education sessions.

Video Film Web

Video Film Web had success for 12 years despite existing in midtown, in one of the most competitive cities in the world, New York, NY. Although VFW did most of its client services in-person in our studio, education and other such products/services were done remotely, including the intern learning process.

Art Gush

In the past we have also had positive outcomes with digital education products in the form of eBooks and online courses via what is now called Art Gush.

NYC Workshops

And finally, NYC Workshops has remained relevant because it now offering customized on demand virtual education.


Can You Make Money while You Make a Difference?

Knowledge is Power

One of the best ways that you can make a difference in the lives of other people, is by providing them with the knowledge they need to achieve a particular goal. This includes an overall problem that stands in the way of the solution they need to make more money.

Sad Closings

As we know, the pandemic has caused many businesses to have to close entirely. Many of these entrepreneurial ventures necessitated in-person contact with the customer, something that was no longer possible due to fear of catching COVID-19.

Digital Offers Hope

Although things are looking up a bit due to vaccines, as of this writing there are businesses that are hanging on by a thread. A solution that is possible for some of these organizations is to find ways for them to make money from their customers through new methods that are digital and do not require working with the client face to face.

Three Publications

Especially now, as the pandemic continues, it is recommended all businesses that have an in-person component, now undergo digital transformation of some kind. This subject matter is currently being explored by 3 blogs from the Blog Coalition which, as of this writing, has the participation of nearly 60 publications in all. The 3 websites are Media Administration, USA Go Digital and USA Online Business. Please click on the publication below that is of the most interest to you.

Media Administration

USA Go Digital

USA Online Business

Time Management

Use the Time to Your Advantage

Is Starting a Home Business the New Normal?

Due to the pandemic, across the country many Americans are homebound and have extra time on their hands. This seems to be connected to the recent surge of those who are starting their own home businesses. In fact, according to statistical reports, it is estimated that approximately 804,398 new businesses came into being in 2020 alone!

The Ultimate Working from Home

With online access and its capabilities, you literally do not have to step outside, and can engage in your own entrepreneurial efforts from the comfort of your home.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Options

How is this possible? It is because your participation in the nation’s commerce can be entirely digital, doing all your business processes on the web. Home Business Digital is the organization that helps home business achievers like yourself by creating for you customized online marketing tools. Though, there are DIY (Do it Yourself) options as well.

Media is Just a Search Away

DIY options can be found through online searches to find educational resources such as online video tutorials as well as eBooks. Both approaches to learning will soon be found at the website Home Business eLearning.

Home Business Resources

You have available to you, resources from the nearly 60 websites (as of today) of the Blog Coalition. Three of these participating blogs include those mentioned in this post:

Home Business Digital

Home Business eLearning

Home Business Awards


Join the Movement

From One City to the Other

At the “USA Make a Difference” blog, in this challenging era of COVID-19 and its variants, we, along with other New Yorkers, have created what we call “the movement.” We feel it is important to recognize and give back to the city that has been so incredibly good to many of us. For example, when I first moved to Manhattan, NY in 1988 (and am still living here today), I was welcomed by New York with open arms. The city that I left behind was Los Angeles. After 8 years of residing in the “City of Angels” I still felt out of synch with it. Whereas there was an instant connection made with the Big Apple.

New York Needs Our Help

This is an unprecedented time here in NYC. Many of the city’s most wealthy residents are leaving in droves. Apparently, these folks were worried about the violent civil uprising and relocated their businesses to other states, taking with them their tax contributions to New York. Although I am saddened by their desertion, I am simultaneously hopeful that those of us who made the commitment to stay here can “Save NYC Together.” Although we will never be able to bring back the old NYC, together we can reinvent it.

Long Term Impacts

The “new” New York will probably hold onto lessons learned from being deserted by the 1%. Change of business systems and practices brought about because of the limitations caused by the pandemic will in some instances remain. For example, there are companies that saved many thousands of dollars due to not having to pay for expensive travel and accommodations in the past needed for implementing in-person “face time” meetings. Low-cost alternatives could remain such as Zoom and Google Meet.

New Content Available on 3 Website that are a Part of the Blog Coalition

This week, as usual, we are in sync with 3 blogs from the nearly 60 that are a part of the Blog Coalition. These blogs are “Save NYC Together,” “Over 50 USA” and “Home Business Achievers.” They have all been selected for a reason. It is because they help build a more complete picture of what is happening now in Manhattan, NY and across the United States of America due to Covid. Links to these sites are given below.

Save NYC Together

Over 50 USA

Home Business Achievers


Cynic or Dreamer?

Celebrate Inclusion

We take a walk down memory lane in this post. Long before this website and newsletter “USA Make a Difference” existed, my wife and I as well as our then toddler daughter, embarked on an adventure to build community in our neighborhood in Northern Manhattan. The year was 2009 and at that point we believed in the power of community to make a difference in the world. We still do, though, along the way since then we have had some challenging brushes with those who are not likeminded. This has resulted in us having a more “realistic” and less naive outlook. Though, we never give up hope, and want to be a part of a more integrated, not divided, America. One that embraces and celebrates inclusion.

Recent Posting Activity on 3 Different “Blog Coalition” Websites

In conjunction with preparing this presentation, we watched community-based videos that we had created years ago. These videos have been included in some of the current links featured below in this post. This week’s offering of 3 Blog Coalition websites, remind us of why we decided to walk down this dreamer (not cynical) path in the first place. The blogs explored today are:

Lights Camera Read

Manhattan Kids Guide

NYC Housing Lottery

You Can Make a Difference Right Now!

NYC and the USA, it’s Time to Get Your Vaccination!

Getting Your Vaccine in NYC

Now more than ever, with the Pandemic still raging, it is the time to step in and make a difference. Sharing the message that “Getting the vaccine can mean life or death,” is one of the most important things we can do in the modern age. Getting vaccinated is literally life changing and saving. Even if you are medically at risk, receiving the shot increases your chances that even if you do still contract the virus, it is less likely to be terminal. Three blogs from the Blog Coalition (that now has nearly 60 unified websites) have recently touched on the virus while examining other challenges of their communities. These blogs making a difference include:

Manhattan Coronavirus

Inwood Manhattan

Bronx News NYC

There are Still those Who are Hesitant to Get the Vaccine

If we all work together, we can get others to get vaccinated, even if they have their own reasons for avoiding doing so. According to newscasts, those who are currently iffy about receiving the lifesaving vaccine include white male Republicans and even people of color. Some media sources say that surveying has revealed that a large percentage of Republicans do not believe the shot will help, which is ironic because the former president, an influential Republican himself, has already gotten his. Some groups have not pursued getting vaccinated for a variety of reasons that include a lack of access as well as having an understandable mistrust (due to history) of government medication offerings.

Please help yourself while you help others. Get vaccinated!


How We Got Here

The Story of this Blog Told with the Help of 3 Other Ones

There has been an interest recently in knowing more about the history of “USA Make a Difference” and how it has come to be. Featured in this installment are 3 blogs that are going to help us tell this story.

The Names of the 3 Blogs

All 3 of blogs we are going to work with to help tell the story of “USA Make a Difference” are a part of the nearly 60 blogs of our Blog Coalition. The 3 blogs working with us today are Platinum PIAs, Coronavirus After and finally, US Make a Difference.

“US” or “USA”?

Please note that “US Make a Difference” is not to be confused with “USA Make a Difference” because the first blog’s name starts with just “US” rather than the full out “USA” that is used for the second one.

Again, the 3 blogs are:

Platinum PIAs

Coronavirus After

US Make a Difference

Please visit the above 3 blogs. Each one tells a different facet of the history of “USA Make a Difference.”


Magicians are Burning Out in Today’s Pandemic World

3 Blogs that are Stepping Up to the Plate

We are happy to announce the cooperation between 3 of the nearly 60 sites and growing, that are a part of our collective Blog Coalition. These 3 blogs are USA Magicians, the Big Apple Awards and Web Design Magician, all of which are committed to the mission of USA Make a Difference. The short version of our mission is “to help make a difference by helping you make a difference!” The longer version is “to work toward a solution for civil unrest and the pandemic by helping you use web communication arts to make a difference as you GROW your business.”

The Challenge to Survive

In this writing, the use of the vocational term “Magician” is an analogy intended to represent anyone who is currently finding it challenging to survive. This is important since making a living in the present time as a conjurer can seem on occasion to be nearly impossible. Directly below are links to the 3 sites that are taking on the challenge of helping magicians get back on the saddle.

USA Magicians

Big Apple Awards

Web Design Magician

Making a Difference is Magic

Marketer Magician and Friends Present

Marketer Magician and Friends Present Marketing that Can Be Magic!

Special thanks to the three magic USA websites featured below that are from our blog coalition of nearly 60 sites and growing. These three blogs are:


Manhattan Magician

Marketer Magician

MagicPreneur, Manhattan Magician and Marketer Magician have all recently posted information on how making a difference can be magic when it comes to marketing. Thanks to them for providing access to written content that is being used in our current newsletter edition.

Making a Difference Can Mean Many Things

Depending on who you ask, you’ll get different interpretations of what making a difference means. There are those who define making a difference as impacting someone or a community in a positive way. But the flip side of this is the interpretation that you can also make a difference in someone’s life in a negative manner. The positive approach is to help people to solve their problems while the negative way is to make problems worse or even create new ones. Sometimes the latter can occur unknowingly and without malice. An example of this is the restrictions on small businesses due to the Pandemic. Their problems loom high at this point, without an easy solutions in sight.

Make a Difference

In this time of a mass Pandemic, a rule of thumb is to focus on the positive aspects of human beings. This does not mean you should pretend to yourself that negative things do not exist, it just means that happiness can be found when aspiring to make the best possible difference in people’s lives.

Community Marketing Magic

With Marketing, Making a Difference Can Be Magic

The Tools to Bring People Together

Did you know that you can learn a lot about marketing for community events that make a difference by studying the craft of magician entertainers? Magicians employ some of the same kind of psychological techniques as promoters do. For this USA Make a Difference installment, we wish to thank the creators of 3 of the magic tricks websites that are a part of the Blog Coalition. These include Houdini Day, Invent Mentalism and Magic Neighbors.

Houdini Day takes a look at how Harry Houdini used publicity and marketing to become the most famous magician in the world even after his death in 1926.

Invent Mentalism examines mentalism and how certain aspects of it can help in the sales process.

“Magic Neighbors” uncovers the relationship that prestidigitation has to marketing for the community.