Directions for a New World

People Making a Difference Without Even Realizing it.

Education, Laughter and Clubs

Do you know, or know of, someone who is in your community and is making a difference without even realizing it? Observing someone making a difference is a wonderful thing to see. There are several blogs online that were created with good intentions and a positive purpose such as giving us education, or making us laugh or even bringing people together through a club.

Giving Us Education

USA eLearning is a blog that creates eBooks and then has them distributed via someone else to provide “How To” education.

Making Us Laugh

Bigfoot Zombie follows the escapades of Bigfoot Zombie and can sometimes make us laugh.

Bringing Us Together Through a Club

Disneyite is a club that has the mission to give Disneyites from all over the world a place where they feel they can belong.