Getting Along

Participating in the Blog Coalition

Blogs in the Coalition

“USA Make a Difference” participates in the Blog Coalition that consists of artistic and business blogs sharing creative strategies for use during the current Pandemic, taking into account that we are a country divided. In this article we will be looking at websites Celebify, Create Profitable Marketing and DigiRefer all three of which are a part of the coalition.

Purpose and Mission

Most blogs these days have a mission whether it be silly or serious. As we read blogs on different topics, we are impressed with the amount of knowledge sharing that is going on. If you know where to look the internet can truly be a useful source of information. Celebify, Create Profitable Marketing and DigiRefer all have purposes and missions regarding serving their audiences.

Celebify for example has an ambitious mission which is to help their readers from various industries to become well known in their fields.

Create Profitable Marketing on the other hand lets it be known that they not only include helping people have monetary success with their promotions, but they also explore in their mission the importance of nurturing their readers so that they have a sense of accomplishment when making a difference through their marketing.

And finally, DigiRefer has the mission of connecting folks with each other so that they work together on creative and business projects.