Directions for a New World

My Mountains to Climb

Do you have a mountain to climb?

A Dream and a Reality

Strangely enough December 11th, today, is International Mountain Day. I’ll tell you why I find it odd. It is because of a dream I had last night that relates. In it I was faced with mountains to climb and the way that my life was closing in on me. I asked myself if I was going to fight for my life and climb my tallest mountains?

Designed to Take You Down

And the answer is, yes, of course. I am blessed to have much to live for in the relationships I have with family and friends. Even though like many of us, there are people willing and able to push us to the edge of the cliff. These people have mountains to hike up too but are ignoring them to fight you? Is that a productive action to take on their part? No, I believe they should stop meddling in other people’s business and instead climb their own mountains.

Aiming for Blogs

And again, yes, it is International Mountains Day and we have linked to a share from Yianni Stamas and his Blog Coalition journey that he is taking at the moment. The first entry is from NYC AIM, the apprentice program he developed.

Please NYC, Create

Next is USA Create. In this stop on his trek he examines International Mountain Day in motion now, as mentioned, December 11’s annual check-in with all of us, letting us know more about the part that mountains play in our live.


The Platinum PIAs was an awards show. And after an amazing 10 years, this event is transitioning to being under the warm care of us here at USA Make a Difference.