The Little Things Matter

As you likely know by now, the “USA Make a Difference” proclamation is a call to action for all Americans to unite in a common mission to improve the lives of citizens of the United States! And acting on this mission can be as simple as wearing a mask when required, or even wearing one for times that are not mandatory. This, in conjunction with getting your vaccine shot(s), will help with the goal to achieve herd immunity.

Wearing a Mask for the Good of All!

Specifically, wear a mask? Because wearing a mask is not primarily something that you do to safeguard yourself, but rather is to protect others from potential airborne transmission from you. In turn, others who wear masks are helping you stay healthy. So, let us all wear our masks!

Blogs with Part-Time Mirth

But, putting the pandemic to the side, another way that you can easily help make a difference, can be as simple as telling a funny joke. Seriously! Levity can be a big healing agent. There are websites in the “Blog Coalition” family that occasionally put on a comedic. Sites with occasional funny bones are “Bigfoot Zombie” as well as “Entertainment entrepreneurship.”