NYC Workshops are Being Created

Those who conduct educational events here in NYC often do so as a form of “giving back” and making a difference. Now in New York City some folks are creating learning experiences for the web so that they can continue to do what they used to do in-person, only now it is a virtual process. New Yorkers, despite many difficulties (COVID and Division), are still using their talents to help educate others. One such method of doing this, is to develop and implement NYC Workshops.

USA How To “How To”

We know that all across the country there are those who want to make a difference by sharing what they know how to do. So, USA are you ready to take what you know and make it into a “How To” workshop? This is very possible because facilitators all over the USA are engaging in teaching what they have knowledge of to their fellow Americans via Zoom and other programs. Creating or participating in an educational experience can help all of us to not feel so alone. Yes America it is time to develop your own “How To” or to put it another way, USA How To.

NYC Create to Save Our Beloved City

Manhattan, NY, has been hard hit by the Pandemic and the division in our country. But New Yorkers are a tough breed and now they are helping to get our city back on its groove through making a difference. You see, with the governor’s help and the will of tough New Yorkers, we are slowly building back together the creative expression and joy of learning new things. This is a city that thrives on the sharing of knowledge and experiences. The Big Apple as we fondly call it, is getting back on track despite the Pandemic and a people nationally divided. The prescription required is, NYC Create.