You Can Make a Difference Right Now!

NYC and the USA, it’s Time to Get Your Vaccination!

Getting Your Vaccine in NYC

Now more than ever, with the Pandemic still raging, it is the time to step in and make a difference. Sharing the message that “Getting the vaccine can mean life or death,” is one of the most important things we can do in the modern age. Getting vaccinated is literally life changing and saving. Even if you are medically at risk, receiving the shot increases your chances that even if you do still contract the virus, it is less likely to be terminal. Three blogs from the Blog Coalition (that now has nearly 60 unified websites) have recently touched on the virus while examining other challenges of their communities. These blogs making a difference include:

Manhattan Coronavirus

Inwood Manhattan

Bronx News NYC

There are Still those Who are Hesitant to Get the Vaccine

If we all work together, we can get others to get vaccinated, even if they have their own reasons for avoiding doing so. According to newscasts, those who are currently iffy about receiving the lifesaving vaccine include white male Republicans and even people of color. Some media sources say that surveying has revealed that a large percentage of Republicans do not believe the shot will help, which is ironic because the former president, an influential Republican himself, has already gotten his. Some groups have not pursued getting vaccinated for a variety of reasons that include a lack of access as well as having an understandable mistrust (due to history) of government medication offerings.

Please help yourself while you help others. Get vaccinated!