Magicians are Burning Out in Today’s Pandemic World

3 Blogs that are Stepping Up to the Plate

We are happy to announce the cooperation between 3 of the nearly 60 sites and growing, that are a part of our collective Blog Coalition. These 3 blogs are USA Magicians, the Big Apple Awards and Web Design Magician, all of which are committed to the mission of USA Make a Difference. The short version of our mission is “to help make a difference by helping you make a difference!” The longer version is “to work toward a solution for civil unrest and the pandemic by helping you use web communication arts to make a difference as you GROW your business.”

The Challenge to Survive

In this writing, the use of the vocational term “Magician” is an analogy intended to represent anyone who is currently finding it challenging to survive. This is important since making a living in the present time as a conjurer can seem on occasion to be nearly impossible. Directly below are links to the 3 sites that are taking on the challenge of helping magicians get back on the saddle.

USA Magicians

Web Design Magician