A Difference in Your Process

The Evolution of the Journal

Years ago, when we used to think about the act of documenting our lives, the visual that was conjured up tended to be writing in a notebook. Nowadays, we live in the age of phone selfies. And with Facebook and other social media means, there is a platform for us being heard (as well as become a statistic sold to advertisers).

Implosion Leads to Rebirth

For some, much of their time was spent portraying online a hyped-up version of their own lifestyle to gain envy from friends and family. Thankfully, all this personal promotional effort has imploded for many causing more and more of them each day to focus instead on making a difference.

The Difference that Becoming a Parent Makes

One bastion of self-promotion has been the blog that since December of 2011 has been a documentation of the life and work of a former magician. A pivotal transformational benchmark for him has been the positive transition that can occur when you become a father.

Genres are Changing

Another development has been the newfound joy of many to creatively express themselves. It is the mission of many to create entertainment with their phones, in genres like the DocuMystery. The aim is to share with others and maybe even make a difference.

Creative Expression

In fact, the impact that phones have had on the movie process (as seen at has launched a whole new vista of creative expression.