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From One City to the Other

At the “USA Make a Difference” blog, in this challenging era of COVID-19 and its variants, we, along with other New Yorkers, have created what we call “the movement.” We feel it is important to recognize and give back to the city that has been so incredibly good to many of us. For example, when I first moved to Manhattan, NY in 1988 (and am still living here today), I was welcomed by New York with open arms. The city that I left behind was Los Angeles. After 8 years of residing in the “City of Angels” I still felt out of synch with it. Whereas there was an instant connection made with the Big Apple.

New York Needs Our Help

This is an unprecedented time here in NYC. Many of the city’s most wealthy residents are leaving in droves. Apparently, these folks were worried about the violent civil uprising and relocated their businesses to other states, taking with them their tax contributions to New York. Although I am saddened by their desertion, I am simultaneously hopeful that those of us who made the commitment to stay here can “Save NYC Together.” Although we will never be able to bring back the old NYC, together we can reinvent it.

Long Term Impacts

The “new” New York will probably hold onto lessons learned from being deserted by the 1%. Change of business systems and practices brought about because of the limitations caused by the pandemic will in some instances remain. For example, there are companies that saved many thousands of dollars due to not having to pay for expensive travel and accommodations in the past needed for implementing in-person “face time” meetings. Low-cost alternatives could remain such as Zoom and Google Meet.

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This week, as usual, we are in sync with 3 blogs from the nearly 60 that are a part of the Blog Coalition. These blogs are “Save NYC Together,” “Over 50 USA” and “Home Business Achievers.” They have all been selected for a reason. It is because they help build a more complete picture of what is happening now in Manhattan, NY and across the United States of America due to Covid. Links to these sites are given below.

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