New York City Reinvention

Gosh Darn, it is New Year’s Eve, Just Hours Before 2022, and We are Taking a Look at Three Blogs, each with a Mission to “Give Back” and “Make a Difference,” Come Together to Answer Three Questions…

Blog Coalition, Platinum PIAs and Save NYC, all have three things in common:

They all have a mission to give back and make a difference.

They all want to learn about you and what you want to see more of.

And finally, they all do not update their sites as often as they would like.

Therefore, the three questions we have for each of them, are:

1. What is your mission and are you achieving it?

2. Are you learning about what your visitors want to see more of, and if so, are you giving it to them?

3. And finally, do you have a plan to update your site as often as you would like?

Blog Coalition was the first to answer the three questions.

Our mission is to, through multiple blogs, provide more digital learning, and we have a few work-in-progress projects in development, but have not gone public with any of them, therefore we are not achieving our mission. And we are not learning about what our visitors want to see more of either, mainly because we have not set up yet a way for them to do so. We do have a plan to update our site today, but otherwise are not updating as often as we would like.

Here is how Platinum PIAs responded to the three questions.

Even though after 10 years of annual awards show both in-person and online we have stopped doing that, we are successfully continuing our mission, which is to recognize those who are making a difference in their community. We do learn from and integrate feedback from our visitors, but these are people we already communicate with, but have not set up any method that the general public could contact us. Online we are still not updating out site as often as we would like, but our other activities that are in line with our mission are going quite well.

Finally, here is what we received in terms of the three questions from Save NYC Together.

At Save NYC Together our mission is facilitate New Yorkers and other lovers of the five boroughs, so that we truly can Save NYC Together. Although we do not have a way that we can be contacted online, we are in touch with our ever-growing group, and when we learn of something they want to see, we do our best to give it to them. Unfortunately, we do not have a plan to update our site as often as we would like. And although it is not seen on our website, we are making headway to Save NYC Together. And an important side note is that we are not actively trying to create the “Old” New York, but instead are letting the new and exciting “New” New York reveal itself!