Cynic or Dreamer?

Celebrate Inclusion

We take a walk down memory lane in this post. Long before this website and newsletter “USA Make a Difference” existed, my wife and I as well as our then toddler daughter, embarked on an adventure to build community in our neighborhood in Northern Manhattan. The year was 2009 and at that point we believed in the power of community to make a difference in the world. We still do, though, along the way since then we have had some challenging brushes with those who are not likeminded. This has resulted in us having a more “realistic” and less naive outlook. Though, we never give up hope, and want to be a part of a more integrated, not divided, America. One that embraces and celebrates inclusion.

Recent Posting Activity on 3 Different “Blog Coalition” Websites

In conjunction with preparing this presentation, we watched community-based videos that we had created years ago. These videos have been included in some of the current links featured below in this post. This week’s offering of 3 Blog Coalition websites, remind us of why we decided to walk down this dreamer (not cynical) path in the first place. The blogs explored today are:

Lights Camera Read

Manhattan Kids Guide

NYC Housing Lottery