May Not Be Your Cup of Tea!

Three Websites that Make a Difference in Unusual Ways!

Three Websites that Work Hard to Make a Difference but Sometimes Fail Miserably

Although they make a point of staying out of politics as a rule, the three websites “Artist Steps,” “Stamas Bros” and “Yianni Stamas,” see the need in our country to come together when working on the issues we face in America today. The three sites mentioned are members alongside approximately 60 other blogs that work with the Blog Coalition organization.

Beliefs, and, share a common interest and commitment to focus on the human aspect of our current plights in the USA, rather than politicizing everything. They feel it is important to bring to the surface solutions that are inclusive, rather than giving wings to groups that partake in being exclusionary. Why? Because they believe that we are all human beings, and as such, no one person is any better than another.

This is Not a New Fight

In truth, at this time in our country, the concept of being divided comes up a lot. Some people are put off by the lawlessness necessary to finally show some progress on the goal to achieve equal opportunity for all. Think about it, this kind of pursuit and fight has been going on for thousands of years. And in America, for hundreds of years.

Is this a Good Way to Make a Difference?

In the most recent past, justice and change was sought through mostly peaceful means. And “The Cause” has made some headway using this approach during the past few decades. But it was not until recently that by inciting violence attention was finally given, both nationally and internationally, to deserving human rights issues. The mission forged ahead using protests and strategies that were not peaceful and included civil unrest, acts of violence, fear mongering and other forms of disorder and social threats. This is of course not recommended and peaceful strategies should be used whenever possible.

Faster Results

Sure, it would be great if peaceful protesting and thinking of all of us as “one” really worked. It actually has in some cases. But, truth be told, that kind of thinking and speaking only takes you so far if speed is desired. But as can be seen in the media today, regardless of whether you are a “conservative” calling for “less division (supposedly), or a “leftist” branding folks with undesirable names, both sides are not playing fair. So, what is the answer? Ask yourself what you have that are unique insights or talents then use this as a jumping off place to engage in the effort to achieve justice for all!

The Commitment is There

A commitment to protesting every example of unnecessary violence to the underserved is putting important issues on the national and international stage. A willingness to gather to fight for justice has resulted in a winning streak. Many have proclaimed an undying commitment to fight and protest each day.

Looking at Recent Content of the Three Blogs

As mentioned earlier, the three blogs we are looking at today (in terms of their most recent content) are “Artist Steps,” “Stamas Bros” and “Yianni Stamas.” The thing that these three sites all have in common is their desire to make a difference. But they all do so in different ways. does so by providing steps for artists to take to become more successful. hopes to participate in bringing about change via humor (that often misses the dartboard). And utilizes a patchwork of styles that make it difficult at times to know if something was supposed to be taken tongue in cheek. Just like people, these three websites are not always perfect and may not be a fit for you.