Making Meaning

Kindness in a World Gone Mad

Practicing Kindness

It seems that American society may be even more fractured than we first thought. With COVID-19 in the background and the full front, these United States have been not so united, with the ongoing division between Republicans and Democrats, plus even a further split as Republicans try to figure out who they are as a party. But that is just the beginning. Because in all of these camps there is a further split between those who are cynics and those who believe in and practice kindness.

Helping Others

There is so much unsettling news each day. It is difficult sometimes trying to find in news media the fine line between being informed and not letting the negativity get to you. There is no easy solution on how to stay in touch with your humanness in a world that is largely portrayed as inhuman. A path some recommend is the belief in a higher power, and this has been discovered by many as the right way to go. Also, it can help to have a sense of purpose and discover the way that you can help other people.

Practical Solutions

The websites we are going to peruse today are not of folks trying to change the world, but rather, bloggers who strive to offer practical and useful information for those who own small businesses.

A Happier Planet

The thing that all three web locations have in common is that they provide insight into how to use digital to have a more successful business. The hope is that the empowerment of entrepreneurs with approaches that work, will lead to a happier workplace with more jobs and ultimately maybe even a happier planet!