Create Your Own Luck

If you are an American, you have at your disposal, more than in many other countries, the opportunity to create luck for yourself. Even if you are an introvert and not someone who is comfortable with “networking” whether it be in person or virtually, with the right insights and actions, you can pave your way to good fortune.

If You Do Not Have Luck It is Harder to Pay It Forward

If you feel you are not a lucky person, it becomes more difficult to pay it forward. This is possibly in part because you are intrenched in your own negative beliefs and have little hope of a better future. Then add to this the fact that we are in a Pandemic and a country severely divided, and you have the recipe for stress and feeling unlucky.

How to Create Your Own Luck

How to create your own luck by viewing setbacks as opportunities. Following along with the notion that “Everything happens for a reason,” with training and affirmations we can move toward a new mindset. One that automatically looks at each new problem that arises in our lives, as the fun adventure into reworking this curveball into a chance to take a positive step forward.

Websites that are Experiments in Making a Difference and Building Luck

Websites that are experiments in making a difference and building luck include Thrillumentary and ArtisticPreneur. These sites all strive to make a difference in their own particular community and with their own unique skillsets, because they believe that giving back in turn builds luck.