Ideas out of Adversity

Fighting the storm to achieve making a difference with marketing.

Confronting an actual storm led to exploring a metaphorical one.

A record storm happened here in New York City day before yesterday that resulted in streets flooding, 15 or more mice at one time trying to swim to safety and having to wade through sometimes chest high water levels in the subway station near us.

Facing the storm.

My wife and our daughter when returning home got caught in the thick of it. Thankfully, they made it home safely, no worse for wear. They succeeded in facing the storm, but what about the metaphorical storm that you might be facing with your business when doing marketing?

Obstacles that seem to come out from thin air.

Storms can sometimes start building against you without you even knowing about it. Challenges you face sometimes are generated by you trying to do the right thing, yet you find yourself chastised. Because regardless of how good your intentions are, others for whatever reason may view it in a negative manner.

Looking for inspiration.

So, what is the point then? The point is to keep on going on. And this week there is inspiration from three blogs that are a part of the collective known as the Blog Coalition. The sites are Web Design Magician, Big Apple Awards and the Platinum PIAs. Each blog gives you online marketing information that you can use to promote your search to make a difference so that others are impacted by it.

Web Design Magician asks “Can you design your future in the form of a website?”

Big Apple Awards attempts to uncover “How to figure out who your niche audience is.”

Platinum PIAs comes through with the “Top 10 Completely Free Online Business Marketing Strategies for Plan Users.”