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USA Make a Difference by Starting Your Own Digital Subscription-Based Business

According to Wikipedia regarding tomorrow’s inauguration:

“Since 1937, it has taken place at noon EST on January 20, the first day of the new term, some 72 to 78 days after the presidential election, except for three occasions when January 20 fell on a Sunday.”

So, for many it is an important day and one of hope. The hope is that this time around there will be a focus in our country on making a difference. And that is what this website, USA Make a Difference, is all about. The goal for is to empower you to make a difference as you grow your business. And some businesses are more easily adaptable than others when it comes to making a difference.

The Digital Subscription-Business Model

One such business model is that of starting a digital subscription-based business. Why? Because this business structure gives the site owner the opportunity to express views about our country and things that can help it. Also, it is the kind of business from which you can receive reoccurring passive income. It is a business that is mostly automated so if you get new customers and can keep them, it can be quite financially rewarding. Following are three websites from which you can learn more about how to create your own Digital Subscription-Based Business.


NYC AIM is the acronym for New York City Apprenticeships in Media. On this website can be found information regarding the steps to get started with developing your own digital subscription-based business.

USA Create

USA Create picks up where NYC AIM leaves off, including additional details on creating your own digital subscription-based business.


DigiComArts is the site that has the final post on giving you the digital communication arts methodology you need to start a digital subscription-based business.