How We Got Here

The Story of this Blog Told with the Help of 3 Other Ones

There has been an interest recently in knowing more about the history of “USA Make a Difference” and how it has come to be. Featured in this installment are 3 blogs that are going to help us tell this story.

The Names of the 3 Blogs

All 3 of blogs we are going to work with to help tell the story of “USA Make a Difference” are a part of the nearly 60 blogs of our Blog Coalition. The 3 blogs working with us today are Platinum PIAs, Coronavirus After and finally, US Make a Difference.

“US” or “USA”?

Please note that “US Make a Difference” is not to be confused with “USA Make a Difference” because the first blog’s name starts with just “US” rather than the full out “USA” that is used for the second one.

Again, the 3 blogs are:

Platinum PIAs

Coronavirus After

US Make a Difference

Please visit the above 3 blogs. Each one tells a different facet of the history of “USA Make a Difference.”