Experimenting with Making a Difference

When the Cat’s Away the Mice Will Play by Doing an Experiment Analyzing Human Nature

Thanks to those of You who Make a Difference

First giving a shoutout and a thumbs up to all of you out there who are making a difference with your businesses and communities, we just want you to know that the 4 of us appreciate your hard work on behalf of others. But we now take you away from our regularly scheduled programming for a brief intermission and change of plans in the form of an experiment.

Before We Dive In

First, we just want to make it clear that what is about to happen has not been sanctioned by either this website, “USA Make a Difference, or the Blog Coalition or the 3 other sites that have been taken over by my cohorts. We are exercising our right to free speech and are co-creating a collective “performance art piece” and experiment The blogs that my fellow interns are taking over are “How to do Online Marketing,” “How to Get New Customers,” and “Market Your Journey.”

Even More Clarification

I am an intern filling in on this post, and along with 3 other of us, due to our bosses going on vacation, we are each taking the place of the regular bloggers of not only this website, but also for those 3 linked above..

Kind of Taking the Path Less Traveled

With no disrespect intended to the Blog Coalition, which all 4 blogs involved today are members of, but since we interns are in the control of what happens now, we want to shake things up a bit. Did you ever notice that the evening news has more negative stories than positive ones? That is because human beings are often drawn faster to the negative rather than to the positive. So that is why us 4 replacement bloggers are doing what we are doing. We want to negativity versus positivity to the test.