Making a Difference for Businesses

The Challenge to Survive

If you want to make a difference in people’s lives, one of the ways you can do this is by providing them with education and strategies that they can utilize to make their small businesses (or any venture) stronger. This is especially important these days when, because of COVID-19, small business owners are having a hard time surviving and some have even lost their companies entirely.

What is Digital Transformation?

It is for this reason that this week we are bringing you information that we hope you will find helpful for applying to your own business or to pass on to someone you know. In this blog, we recently spoke of the importance of digital transformation so that your business can weather the storm, even when providing in-person services are not possible due to blockades such as the pandemic. So, what is Digital Transformation? It is having as many of your products and services as possible be able to be implemented digitally without having to depend on in-person activity.

Positive Digital Transformation Stories

We are fortunate to have had success with various digital businesses products and services. This includes Video Film Web, Art Gush and NYC Workshops. With VFW we were able to do things like creating websites regardless of them having proximity or not. Art Gush is now a consultancy firm able to help others via phone or video chat. And finally NYC Workshops now does on demand virtual education sessions.

Video Film Web

Video Film Web had success for 12 years despite existing in midtown, in one of the most competitive cities in the world, New York, NY. Although VFW did most of its client services in-person in our studio, education and other such products/services were done remotely, including the intern learning process.

Art Gush

In the past we have also had positive outcomes with digital education products in the form of eBooks and online courses via what is now called Art Gush.

NYC Workshops

And finally, NYC Workshops has remained relevant because it now offering customized on demand virtual education.


Can You Make Money while You Make a Difference?

Knowledge is Power

One of the best ways that you can make a difference in the lives of other people, is by providing them with the knowledge they need to achieve a particular goal. This includes an overall problem that stands in the way of the solution they need to make more money.

Sad Closings

As we know, the pandemic has caused many businesses to have to close entirely. Many of these entrepreneurial ventures necessitated in-person contact with the customer, something that was no longer possible due to fear of catching COVID-19.

Digital Offers Hope

Although things are looking up a bit due to vaccines, as of this writing there are businesses that are hanging on by a thread. A solution that is possible for some of these organizations is to find ways for them to make money from their customers through new methods that are digital and do not require working with the client face to face.

Three Publications

Especially now, as the pandemic continues, it is recommended all businesses that have an in-person component, now undergo digital transformation of some kind. This subject matter is currently being explored by 3 blogs from the Blog Coalition which, as of this writing, has the participation of nearly 60 publications in all. The 3 websites are Media Administration, USA Go Digital and USA Online Business. Please click on the publication below that is of the most interest to you.

Media Administration

USA Go Digital

USA Online Business

Education Hope

USA Make a Difference by Starting Your Own Digital Subscription-Based Business

According to Wikipedia regarding tomorrow’s inauguration:

“Since 1937, it has taken place at noon EST on January 20, the first day of the new term, some 72 to 78 days after the presidential election, except for three occasions when January 20 fell on a Sunday.”

So, for many it is an important day and one of hope. The hope is that this time around there will be a focus in our country on making a difference. And that is what this website, USA Make a Difference, is all about. The goal for is to empower you to make a difference as you grow your business. And some businesses are more easily adaptable than others when it comes to making a difference.

The Digital Subscription-Business Model

One such business model is that of starting a digital subscription-based business. Why? Because this business structure gives the site owner the opportunity to express views about our country and things that can help it. Also, it is the kind of business from which you can receive reoccurring passive income. It is a business that is mostly automated so if you get new customers and can keep them, it can be quite financially rewarding. Following are three websites from which you can learn more about how to create your own Digital Subscription-Based Business.


NYC AIM is the acronym for New York City Apprenticeships in Media. On this website can be found information regarding the steps to get started with developing your own digital subscription-based business.

USA Create

USA Create picks up where NYC AIM leaves off, including additional details on creating your own digital subscription-based business.


DigiComArts is the site that has the final post on giving you the digital communication arts methodology you need to start a digital subscription-based business.


How to Create and Conduct Your Online Workshop During the Pandemic

NYC Workshops are Being Created

Those who conduct educational events here in NYC often do so as a form of “giving back” and making a difference. Now in New York City some folks are creating learning experiences for the web so that they can continue to do what they used to do in-person, only now it is a virtual process. New Yorkers, despite many difficulties (COVID and Division), are still using their talents to help educate others. One such method of doing this, is to develop and implement NYC Workshops.

USA How To “How To”

We know that all across the country there are those who want to make a difference by sharing what they know how to do. So, USA are you ready to take what you know and make it into a “How To” workshop? This is very possible because facilitators all over the USA are engaging in teaching what they have knowledge of to their fellow Americans via Zoom and other programs. Creating or participating in an educational experience can help all of us to not feel so alone. Yes America it is time to develop your own “How To” or to put it another way, USA How To.

NYC Create to Save Our Beloved City

Manhattan, NY, has been hard hit by the Pandemic and the division in our country. But New Yorkers are a tough breed and now they are helping to get our city back on its groove through making a difference. You see, with the governor’s help and the will of tough New Yorkers, we are slowly building back together the creative expression and joy of learning new things. This is a city that thrives on the sharing of knowledge and experiences. The Big Apple as we fondly call it, is getting back on track despite the Pandemic and a people nationally divided. The prescription required is, NYC Create.