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METHOD HOW the “USA Make a Difference” Newsletter Changed its Name

It has been an interesting transition. If you subscribed to the newsletter for this site, then you know what I am talking about. For a couple of years, up until a few months ago, we had a terrific report that we would send out, each time in a creative and original incarnation.

Then recently it became clear that what was needed was a “METHOD HOW Report,” meaning that we would develop a new METHOD HOW to do something that was useful to Business Owners, especially those who fit into the “U.S. in Need” Paradigm, meaning that they suffered throughout the thickest part of the Pandemic and now their company is holding on by a string.

So we immediately went to work developing strategies. Creating little short step-by-step plan in just 10 easy steps. The idea was that rather then having to plow through hundreds of pages in an eBook, now you could get exactly what you needed instantly online.

Well when that project got launched we realized that the best way to describe this process was METHOD HOW. So we suggested that METHOD HOW take over the newsletter because the primary audience of it are business owners and others in businesses of various kinds.

We were impressed with the way the strategies were laid out and saw the possibilities of how being able to have a simple and effective strategic plan in just 10 steps, this would open up the doors, especially for businesses that are suffering and need an edge of some kind that would enable them to be able to grow again while they made a difference in their community.

So we flat out suggested that METHOD HOW take over the newsletter and start to call it the “METHOD HOW Report.” I saw it right away how this changing of hands could truly make a difference in the lives of small business owners who are licking their wounds having gotten a horrible bashing around thanks to dear COVID.

And then there were all the other wonderful (not) things that are happening and really have a negative impact on small business owners including inflation, flash mob theft, a country divided, gas prices and on and on.

So it would be quite handy to have a guide to very quickly follow the steps. And these strategies, with a new one each week on the “METHOD HOW Newsletter,” are completely free to businesses that are suffering and fit into the “U.S. in Need” status. We get asked what is the METHOD HOW to get on the “METHOD HOW Report” list and receive their reports?

The answer is that at this time when they are beta testing strategies, this is fine for their current subscribers because they have the benefit of having been following this process weekly and understand what is going on. Anyone else at this stage would get very confused.

That said, there is talk of maybe opening itself up to new subscribers after the testing has been completed. I will keep you in the loop about this or you can check to see when the new METHOD HOW website will be launched by going to the site which currently has a “Coming Soon” page.

Directions for a New World

Is “USA Make a Difference” Really Handing Over their Email Newsletter to the “Method How” Report?

Welcome Startup Introverts to a “Method How” to “Make a Difference!”

A Newsletter that for Two Years Has Not Let in Any New Subscribers!

It has been nearly two years since “USA Make a Difference” stepped in and took the reins of their current newsletter from an entity that had been running the publication for a few years before that. And ever since USA Make a Difference took over, they never let in new subscribers.

No New Subscribers Allowed for Around Two Years!

They were happy to deliver new weekly content to their existing email list, which as it turns out, were and are a pretty loyal group. There were very few unsubscribes happening during that 24-month period which continues, because still no new signups are being allowed. And yet, according to analytics, the newsletter has had a high amount of opens throughout the “USA Make a Difference” time period.

Diary of a Startup Introvert

So, will all this good news why is the “USA Make a Difference” Newsletter now being handed over to “Method How” with its new name being the “Method How” Report? As of this writing “Method How” does not have a web presence and is more of a term used to describe an ambitious project focused on introverts. Specifically, introverts in business, calling themselves: “Startup Introverts.”

Thumbs Up Introverts!

But to clarify, it is not that a bunch of quiet souls are taking over the reins. Not exactly anyway. It will still be a part of the “USA Make a Difference” mission of, well, making a difference. U.S.A.M.A,D. is one of the community websites of the “Blog Coalition” family.

Strategies for Introverts!

Changing the name to “Method How” is a more succinct description of what the content is going to be about moving forward. There will be previews being given of new short term “business success strategies,” each strategy with its own purpose and outcome.

A Strategic Approach

“Method How” will be about the “Method How” new strategies are being developed. It will be focused on helping small business owners, Mom and Pops and those with an idea for a business, to maximize their results with a strategic approach!

Directions for a New World

A Question for American Artists, Businesspeople and ArtisticPreneurs: are You on Your DOER PATH?!

So, on the Yianni Stamas blog site there is a brief article that actually mentions us. Why? To be a part of a post that attempts to very briefly talk about the process of going from being a Dreamer into Doer.

Do You Want to Go from Being a “Dreamer into Doer?”

The idea of being a Doer, as well as the concept of getting onto your “Doer Path” is a movement that is growing. Slowly? Yes. But still becoming larger and larger every day.

In the Face of Destruction, the Believers Rise Up

As of the first third time period now in 2022, many of us are awestruck by when taking in the coming together and focus on fighting for what they believe in.” We are talking about strength and belief in unity, can make a difference. If this is a belief, there is no losing in the end. Winning is showing up every day aligned with others in your life.

Sometimes what We Do is Not the Priority

The unspeakable violence against a group of peaceful people is centerstage. Therefore, talking about anything else appears inadequate and not up to the level of the other in importance.

Certainly, starting an awards show, pales in comparison?

An Awards Show is the Least of Priorities

We can do what we can to help the cause, whether it be to volunteer with nonprofits, or spreading the word online. That said, we must all still live our lives and try to make what we do, to be helpful to the larger causes in this world today.

Hence, what possible justification does starting an awards show have to do with in the big pictures. How can this matter and make a difference.

“What is with the Mention of Awards?”

And all this as we face the virus and a window into destruction overseas. So, what are Americans to do? Is intensified violence with others joining the fight, going to happen? Why then start a celebration during which the hard work of others on a cause is recognized?

For some, starting an awards show is their way of making a difference by recognizing those who make a difference. Testing in this area has worked for use and lasted for a decade. What awards show is it? The Platinum PIAs.

That is why we say to you:

“American artists and businesspeople, are you ready?”

Directions for a New World

Yianni Stamas Shares Missions of Making a Difference Regarding Housing for Artists in New York as well as How to Save NYC Together

Two Causes and Three Blogs

Hi. Yianni here. I am fortunate today to be simultaneously appearing on three additional blogs which are NYC Housing Lottery, Over 50 USA and Save NYC Together. I am working to get out a message of hope to artists who are seeking housing, as well as ways to save NYC together as seen at the relatively new Save NYC Together website.

The Process to Save NYC Together Might be Simpler than it Seems

Although we hear repeatedly that we can make a difference if we come together, some of us have gotten jaded over the years, and although we want to believe it, we have our doubts. I understand this thinking because I also have these kinds of thoughts. Though, as ambitious as the plan to save NYC together may sound, participating in the cause is easier than one would imagine.

Spread the Word

All it takes to join the mission to save NYC together is to remind those in your life, especially people who live in Manhattan or other boroughs, the importance of knowing that we can save NYC together. That is it. Not too difficult, right? Other forms of spreading the news could include blogging and other forms of digital communication.

Quick Appearances

Though briefly, as mentioned, I am on three other blogs today, including:

NYC Housing Lottery

Over 50 USA

Save NYC Together

Directions for a New World

Humor and the Herd

The Little Things Matter

As you likely know by now, the “USA Make a Difference” proclamation is a call to action for all Americans to unite in a common mission to improve the lives of citizens of the United States! And acting on this mission can be as simple as wearing a mask when required, or even wearing one for times that are not mandatory. This, in conjunction with getting your vaccine shot(s), will help with the goal to achieve herd immunity.

Wearing a Mask for the Good of All!

Specifically, wear a mask? Because wearing a mask is not primarily something that you do to safeguard yourself, but rather is to protect others from potential airborne transmission from you. In turn, others who wear masks are helping you stay healthy. So, let us all wear our masks!

Blogs with Part-Time Mirth

But, putting the pandemic to the side, another way that you can easily help make a difference, can be as simple as telling a funny joke. Seriously! Levity can be a big healing agent. There are websites in the “Blog Coalition” family that occasionally put on a comedic. Sites with occasional funny bones are “Bigfoot Zombie,” “Disneyite,” and “Entertainment entrepreneurship.”

Directions for a New World

Make a Difference in America

Deal with Stigma Face to Face

Making a difference in America can be summed up as as simply as being a part of making a change for the better. Positive change is not always easy, especially considering the intense obstacles we have in the form of COVID-19 and living in a divided country. The good new is though, you can be a part of making a difference in your community regardless of how large or small it is. One of the ways this can be implemented is by being aware of the triggers we are all experiencing and therefore having empathy for others. This includes those over the age of 50 as well as New York City, both of which are stigmatized.

Being a Role Model

Leadership does not have to mean you head up a big organization, leadership can also mean that the way you are living your life can be a positive example for others. The challenge is by being the reason someone else smiles. Try to maintain a realistic view of the world while simultaneously seeing the ways you can make a difference.

Positive Difference

You can put your skills to work for others, bring joy to the United States, be a volunteer or mentor for someone or a community that needs it, say kind words to someone who is struggline and so on. The truth is you have some unique gift that others can benefit from. Think carefully aboutyour life and who you are and you will figure out a method by which you can make an impact. Although taking action o this revelation is always best, just thinking along these lines can have a positive difference with those you are close to.

Natural Beauty

The big questions in making a difference can be the seeking out solutions for problems and questions that exist in the present. How can we as a country help to make poverty to go away and the hunger with it? Is there a way we can make entergy cleaner without the stigma of a disruption and fear of some about losing their jobs? What part can you play in protecting wildlife and environments of natural beauty.

Embrace Becoming a Part of the Solution

We are proud to say an behalf of those developing it as well as participating volunteers that the next Make a Difference Day will occurr on Saturday, October 23rd. Although that is months away, it is never too early to embrace becoming a part of the solution.

Live Life

So, consider doing an act of kindness that is unexpected or being a volunteer in your community. Those who are cynical do not understand why there are folks who are seeking to make a positive change, they think that “do good-ers” are out of their minds. “What a waste of energy” some think. But the truth is that when you are part of bringing hope and understanding to our country which is greatly needed, what you get in return internally for having a big heart, can make a great difference in your life as a human being.

Directions for a New World

January 4th is a Day Now Known as the Celebration of an Important Invention

Good morning all. We are very excited about the invention that today is being celebrated and has made a difference in the lives of countless people. Coverage of this special day can be found at USA Magicians, Web Design Magician and the Big Apple Awards. Join us in honoring the inventor and the invention.

Directions for a New World

Happy Winter Solstice

Your Bridge?

Blog Entries

Happy Winter Solstice everyone. It’s December 21, the shortest day of the year, and although still months away, Spring is coming. All is well here in the offices of “USA Make a Difference” and we bring you some new blog entries from today and our Blog Coalition.


The first post is from Celebify. The entry reminds us that with celebrity comes responsibility. Anyone can become famous if you want it enough and have allies like Celebify.

Create Profitable Marketing

In some ways Create Profitable Marketing picks up where Celebify left off. Becoming well known is really just a matter of marketing yourself with help from you staff and fans. If this is your path, you can cross the bridge (see photo above) to NYC and other important fame building cities on this day of the Winter Solstice.


Our third and last Blog Coalition post comes from DigiRefer, regarding becoming a manager via digital workers.

Directions for a New World

Help Us Celebrate “International Migrants Day”

December 18 is International Migrants Day

Today is a special day. International Migrants Day is an attempt to bring the right of every human being to freedom as explored in the following posts:



Blog Coalition

Directions for a New World

Brothers Who Made History and a Difference

Brothers who made history? No we’re not speaking of the Stamas Bros, instead we are referring to Orville and Wilbur. Who? The Wright Brothers of course. Orville and Wilbur ultimately made a difference in the lives of many by successfully flying a plane in 1903. These Bros are our jumping off point for the three posts that we have selected for you today.

Yianni Stamas