Tragedy Struck Last Friday Here in NYC and will Hopefully Lead to New Mayor Adams STOPPING the Violence – but will He?!

Stop the Violence in NYC

Manhattan, NY, Two Police Officers Die, New Mayor Vows Change

In the moment it was riveting. The new mayor of NYC, Eric Adams, vowed to make change. This was on last Friday. A young police officer was killed and a second injured, then days later passed. At the initial response on Friday, Adams says “It is us against the killers.” Nice idea. Spoken with conviction. But what has he actually done thus far to ensure this kind of thing will not happen again? He has so far been pushing for a safety program to be reinstated, but many oppose it. Will he be successful at actually curbing violence? Someone gets shot pretty much weekly, within a few blocks radius of where I live with my wife and our daughter. Will Addams be effective at stopping this?

Why Do Most Politicians Not Do What They Were Elected to Do?

Sadly, in this terrific country, the USA, we elect politicians to make a difference and most never do. This site is about “making a difference,” and unlike most of us, ironically, politicians actually get paid (and well I might add) to make a difference but do not! Why? Is it because their coffers are subsidized by special interest? Are there other monetary opportunities behind the scenes we do not know about, that entice them into doing nothing? Or are they just plain awful at their jobs, but good at lying about what they will accomplish if elected? In other other words are they:

Good at getting elected.

But bad at their job?

Taking Steps to Steps Not Taken

Politicians here in NYC have been promising for years to curb violence in the greatest city in the world. Unfortunately, as is to be expected, not much has occurred in the form of actual action steps taken. It’s like the old riddle:

Q: How can you tell if a politician is lying?

A: Their mouth is moving.

Taking On Transformation in Manhattan and the Burroughs

Regarding the taking on of violence here in our city, to be fair, navigating through the special interest in any politics is not easy. The hope of voters with each new official we the people bring into being, is that the individual will somehow be not encumbered by their own personal paydays, yet at the same time, have enough influence to make a difference.

The Blockade Known as Catch 22

It is a true Catch 22 of course, in which a politician’s momentum to create change is in direct proportion to the amount to their price to keep politics as usual in place. Increase one, and the there is a diminishing of the other, and vice versa. So, it is difficult to say whether or not our new mayor Eric Adams is going to be effective at all.


Yianni Stamas Talks About How to Start a Home Business and Make a Difference

Help Your Community

Hello. I am Yianni Stamas, and today I am going to do my best to briefly share my thoughts on the topic of starting a home business. Having a home business can not only bring in an income for you, but also can help you with becoming involved with the process of helping your community.. If you are a parent, depending on the age of your kid or kids, making a difference can be a lot of fun because making a difference in your community can be fun for everyone. My wife and I collaborated on the mission to bring together all parents and their kids because our neighborhood is divided, therefore if we can get rid of there being a divide, it can be a part of healing our neighborhood in Northern Manhattan, NY. We worked on this the most when our child was very young and we created several live events that everyone was invited to. Feedback was positive, some even thanking us for bringing everyone together. This feedback was inspiring and motivated us to do more.

Working 9 to 5 Can Help you Develop Your “Side Hustle”

If you have a “9 to 5” job, this which means that you can develop your side hustle with more confidence, because of knowing that you always have a source of income. This allows you to take the time to research and make plans to turn your side hustle into your main hustle. If this stuff is new to you, in one of the other 3 blogs I am guest blogging for today, are a couple of steps that will hopefully helpful for you. These 4 steps can be found in today’s post on Home Business Achievers.

Making a Difference is Easy, Starting and Running a Home Business Can Be Challenging

Making a difference in your community can be an aspect of what you do when running your home business. Having a positive impact on society can start with something as basic as volunteering to help a cause you believe in. There are so many great causes. If you have an idea of how you might want to help your neighborhood, a simple search for that kind of volunteerism will reveal the opportunities that exist in your community.

Developing a Home Business has Many Walls to Jump Over or Even Break Through.

But if, for whatever reason, you do not want to be involved with any of the currently existing chances to make a difference, you always have the option to start your own. In fact, if possible, combine making a difference with your new home business. If doing what you do as a business simultaneously helps your community, all the better. But as you will see (or already know) starting and then profitably running a home business is not easy. But please, if you are in the idea phase and are only thinking about starting a home business and do not already have one, it “ain’t easy,” which is why every home business owner who is successful deserves a Home Business Award.

What Matters Most is What You Do BEFORE You Start Your Home Business

The future of whether your home business will be “successful or not” often rests in the research and planning you have done in advance. Also, you do not necessarily have to start a brick and mortar in-person retail store, especially now in the pandemic, because you also have available to you online opportunities in the realm of Home Business Digital. But keeping with the in-person business model for a moment, as I am writing this what comes to mind is what I thought at the time was a pretty funny skit in a very old (yes, I am old enough to have seen it live) episode of “Saturday Night Live.” In the skit someone has started an in-person retail store that only offers multiple kinds of scotch tape. The humor is in the realization that such a business was not going to work out, because people are not really interested in a business that only sells scotch tape. In other words, if the research had been done in advance to determine if the public would be drawn to a shop that only offers scotch tape, the money and time it took to start it could have been avoided. Making a plan means you can really think through the possibility of starting a home business that also helps people in their lives.

But in Reality

Okay, I have to admit, I was not so swift with the research thing myself. At least not research that was thorough and careful. Many of the businesses that I have started that eventually were successful, began out of shear and utter desperation. Yes, needing to make a living was a big motivator, but sometimes it has to do with circumstances you are in. In the best case scenario you find a need that helps your community. But other kinds of personal circumstance that lead to starting your own business can involve other factors. For example, years ago I had what was essentially a night shift position. I started work extremely early then stopped before noon. Then went back at night and worked to an extremely late hour. The person I was seeing at the time hated my work hours because of it caused them to have sleep deprivation. The demand was that I get a job with a “more normal” schedule. Pretty much I was being told to do this or I was going to be dumped. In retrospect I realized that I probably should have just ended the relationship myself at that point. But at the time the threat motivated me intensely to start my own business for which I would be in charge of my work hours. So, I threw a business together very quickly that thankfully was successful for a number of years. Ironically though, the person I was seeing soon thereafter left me anyway. But I was able to walk away from the relationship with a thriving business.

Last Thoughts

Hopefully this has been a little bit helpful if you are starting your own home business. The main message I am leaving you with I guess is that you can succeed at starting a home business regardless of what your personal circumstances are, and that if you take the time to plan it, it gives you a better chance at starting a business that helps your community. As I hinted at earlier, I am on “guest blogger duty” at 3 other Blog Coalition sites almost simultaneously. What I mean by this is that I am writing short posts for each of them today. The three other blogs take a look at the home business process also as can be seen at Home Business Achievers, Home Business Awards and Home Business Digital.


Yianni Stamas Talks About Change and Making a Difference Through Entrepreneurship

Guest Blogger

We are happy to bring you digital author and website manager Yianni Stamas. He is going to talk about change and making a difference through entrepreneurship. He will also introduce three blogs with related content.

Hard Work Pays Off

Hi everyone, Yianni here. As you know, this has been a week of justice served. Or at least for the moment. This has been a historic week, and one that I made certain that my 12-year-old daughter understood. I wanted her to realize that what happened this week was made possible in part due to the hard work of activists and advocates who had for many years pushed forward to make their voices and communities heard. It was great to see some of the people who I have admired for quite some time, being able to witness the unfolding of what they had strived toward for quite a long time. This case had a positive outcome, but the fight continues. Thanks to those who have made a difference.

Different Ways of Making a Difference

On a related note, others continue to make a difference in their own communities and in different ways. The causes may shift in terms of public focus, but the impact on society is felt nonetheless. Acknowledging the sometimes-unseen warriors is something we believe is important. It is inspiring to others that there are human beings out there who are trying to make a difference in this world. Not all attempts to make a difference pan out in the immediate sense, but little by little these seeds grow.

Small Things Can Help to Change the World

There are many ways to make a difference in everyday life. You can aspire to be a good role model for your child or challenged youths. You can take a job or start a business that not only provides you with an income, but at the same time you are helping those in need. You can volunteer for a nonprofit organization whose mission aligns with your own beliefs. You can volunteer to help a good cause such as working at a food pantry that serves the disenfranchised. And so on.

The Best of All Possible Worlds

Of the examples we gave in our listing of ways of making a difference, one of the most powerful (if it turns out right), can have a big impact on your community. We are speaking of the method of making a difference that can occur by starting a business that makes you a living while simultaneously enables you to help others.

The Evolution of Entrepreneurship

Word of mouth, media coverage, television shows like Shark “Tank” plus many other triggers, have all played a part in building awareness that entrepreneurship can be a viable choice when trying to figure out what you want to do with your life.

Change through Being an Entrepreneur

Three publications from the “Blog Coalition” look at different ways that all of us can help, if we are interested in doing so. We can take on helping with the move toward change by embarking on ventures as entrepreneurs. The three blogs that talk about these sorts of ideas in various incarnations are:

USA Create


USA eLearning

These three sites are of course from the 60 or so that are participating in the “Blog Coalition.” Have a great weekend!