Can You Make Money while You Make a Difference?

Knowledge is Power

One of the best ways that you can make a difference in the lives of other people, is by providing them with the knowledge they need to achieve a particular goal. This includes an overall problem that stands in the way of the solution they need to make more money.

Sad Closings

As we know, the pandemic has caused many businesses to have to close entirely. Many of these entrepreneurial ventures necessitated in-person contact with the customer, something that was no longer possible due to fear of catching COVID-19.

Digital Offers Hope

Although things are looking up a bit due to vaccines, as of this writing there are businesses that are hanging on by a thread. A solution that is possible for some of these organizations is to find ways for them to make money from their customers through new methods that are digital and do not require working with the client face to face.

Three Publications

Especially now, as the pandemic continues, it is recommended all businesses that have an in-person component, now undergo digital transformation of some kind. This subject matter is currently being explored by 3 blogs from the Blog Coalition which, as of this writing, has the participation of nearly 60 publications in all. The 3 websites are Media Administration, USA Go Digital and USA Online Business. Please click on the publication below that is of the most interest to you.

Media Administration

USA Go Digital

USA Online Business