Back from a Break

We are Back

We took off a week or so for the Winter Break to make more time for family. In general things overall are going to slow down on this blog a bit as we do our best to help others make a difference through various external projects that we have going on.

Entertainers Face Challenges

The Blog Coalition though continues on with coverage of various blogs that are currently in the collective. One such website is Become a Mentalist which starts to look at the very real challenges that mentalists and others in the entertainment industry face.

It used to be different for entertainers because they were able to book jobs for live theater as well as corporations and other gigs. With COVID-19 all this has changed. In-person bookings are a thing of the past, at least for now. We are dedicated to helping to make a difference for mentalists and others (inside and outside of the entertainment field) to find success in the upward battle many face in terms of employment.

Market Your Journey

One of the Blog Coalition sites that has some helpful information today is Market Your Journey. They have an extended and helpful piece today detailing how you can use your own story to advance your career or business.