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USA Make a Difference: Measure, Adjust and Achieve with AI


In the context of USA Make a Difference, entrepreneurs strive to create solutions that have a meaningful impact. However, the journey doesn’t end with the launch of a solution; it involves continuous measuring, adjusting, and improving. With the aid of AI, entrepreneurs can analyze data and make informed decisions to maximize their impact.

The Role of AI in Measuring Success

Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in measuring the success of a solution. It can process vast amounts of data and derive insights, enabling entrepreneurs to understand the performance of their solution. In the mission of USA Make a Difference, AI acts as a reliable ally that offers objective and actionable data.

Defining Metrics

The first step in measuring success is to define what success looks like for your solution. This involves identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your business goals. As part of the USA Make a Difference ethos, these KPIs should reflect not just financial success, but also the difference your solution is making in the community.

Collecting Data

AI tools can help collect a wide range of data related to your solution’s performance. This can include customer engagement, revenue generation, user feedback, and social impact metrics. In the context of USA Make a Difference, data collection via AI ensures a comprehensive understanding of your solution’s impact.

Analyzing Data

One of the main strengths of AI is its ability to analyze vast amounts of data quickly and accurately. It can identify trends, detect patterns, and provide insights that may not be evident to the human eye. This AI-powered analysis is vital for entrepreneurs in the USA Make a Difference journey.

Making Informed Decisions

The insights derived from AI analysis empower entrepreneurs to make informed decisions. Whether it’s about tweaking the product, adjusting the pricing, or revamping the marketing strategy, data-backed decisions can drive better outcomes. In the USA Make a Difference narrative, AI helps entrepreneurs to optimize their approach for maximum impact.

Adjusting Your Solution

Based on the insights from data analysis, entrepreneurs can adjust their solution as needed. These adjustments could range from minor tweaks to major overhauls, depending on the feedback received. In the context of USA Make a Difference, this agility and willingness to adjust are crucial for long-term success.

Continual Improvement

The process of measuring and adjusting is not a one-off exercise; it’s a continual cycle of improvement. This continuous improvement ethos aligns perfectly with the USA Make a Difference narrative, emphasizing the ongoing commitment to making a positive impact.

Leveraging AI for Social Impact

AI is not just a tool for business success; it’s a powerful catalyst for social impact. By helping entrepreneurs measure and enhance their solutions, AI contributes to the USA Make a Difference mission, driving social change through innovative entrepreneurship.


The journey of making a difference involves continuous learning, adapting, and improving. By leveraging AI to measure success and make informed adjustments, entrepreneurs can optimize their solutions for greater impact. In the mission of USA Make a Difference, AI is more than just a tool; it’s a partner in driving meaningful change.

Directions for a New World

USA Make a Difference with Your Own Panacea of Prosperity with the Help of AI

As we navigate through life, we continuously seek ways to better our lives and, if possible, the lives of those around us. In this endeavor, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has emerged as a powerful ally, simplifying and accelerating our path to success. It’s akin to possessing a magic wand that empowers us to create transformative changes for ourselves and our communities.

Enter the “Ask AI Guy,” a unique figure who resonates profoundly with the ethos of the “USA Make a Difference” platform. His philosophy aligns with the notion of creating win-win scenarios where personal growth and community enrichment seamlessly intertwine. He stands at the forefront of AI, offering insights and knowledge to those looking to harness AI’s potential. And starting on April Fools Day, 2023, he began writing a short digital book each and every day. The books are based on the latest questions he receives from new subscribers of the newsletter entitled “In News AI.” For example today he wrote a publication named “AI Panacea of Prosperity?”

AI, in the hands of the informed and the motivated, can be a powerful catalyst for change. It can propel businesses forward while simultaneously contributing positively to communities. This notion is at the heart of the “Ask AI Guy’s” mission – to unlock AI’s potential for the greater good.

“Ask AI Guy” operates on an interesting premise. Subscribers get to pose four-word questions, with “AI” as the prerequisite first word. It’s a fun and engaging way to learn about AI, transforming complex AI topics into accessible, bite-sized pieces of information.

The questions can range from serious to whimsical, reflecting the diverse interests of the subscribers. An intriguing question posed today was “AI Panacea of Prosperity?” A lively and thought-provoking query, it surely caught the “Ask AI Guy’s” attention.

Every day, the “Ask AI Guy” selects one of these questions and crafts a detailed answer in the form of a short digital book. It’s a unique way to disseminate AI knowledge, making learning a fun, daily activity.

For instance, the response to the question “AI Panacea of Prosperity?” was an enlightening exploration of the ways AI can potentially unlock prosperity. The answer, presented in an accessible, engaging format, offers invaluable insights for those looking to leverage AI for personal and community growth.

Ultimately, the “Ask AI Guy” is more than an AI expert. He’s a guide, a mentor, and an enabler. His mission is to help individuals harness AI’s power to make a difference – in their lives and in their communities.

In conclusion, AI opens up a world of possibilities for creating positive change. And with figures like the “Ask AI Guy” at the helm, the journey of leveraging AI for personal and communal growth becomes not just achievable, but also exciting and enjoyable.

Directions for a New World

The AI Do Good Initiative

A Magical Blend of Technology and Illusion Launched by USA Make a Difference and USA Magicians

USA Make a Difference, in partnership with USA Magicians, is proud to announce the launch of an inspiring initiative aimed at utilizing artificial intelligence for societal betterment, the “AI Do Good” Initiative. This novel collaboration brings together the creativity of magic and the transformative power of technology, with popular platform “Ask AI Guy” generously donating publicity to support the cause.

The AI Do Good Initiative is grounded in the belief that artificial intelligence has the potential to solve some of society’s most pressing challenges, from climate change to health inequities. By marrying this belief with the captivating allure of magic, USA Make a Difference and USA Magicians hope to engage a broad audience, encouraging more people to explore and understand the potential of AI.

USA Magicians, an organization of professional illusionists, will contribute to the initiative by developing performances and educational content designed to make AI more accessible to the public. By using magic as a metaphor, they aim to demystify AI, transforming complex technological concepts into engaging narratives that audiences can connect with.

In return, USA Make a Difference will provide resources and platforms necessary to support these performances. They will also work on leveraging AI to create magic tricks that reflect the initiative’s core goals, further bridging the gap between technology and illusion. The organization believes that this unique approach will encourage more people to engage with AI and recognize its potential to effect positive change.

Ask AI Guy, a popular platform known for its engaging content on artificial intelligence, has generously offered to provide publicity for the initiative. Through various forms of media, Ask AI Guy will share updates on the initiative, showcase magic performances, and host discussions on the potential of AI to better society. This partnership is poised to expand the reach of the AI Do Good Initiative, allowing its message to resonate with a larger audience.

USA Make a Difference and USA Magicians see this initiative as an opportunity to inspire and educate. They hope to shift the narrative around AI, showcasing its potential for good rather than focusing on its perceived threats. Through their collaboration, they aim to encourage more people to embrace AI as a tool for societal advancement.

Furthermore, the AI Do Good initiative will also conduct fundraising events featuring magical performances. Proceeds from these events will be directed towards research and projects that utilize AI to address societal challenges. These events will not only entertain but will also foster a deeper understanding of AI among the attendees.

The AI Do Good Initiative is a testament to the power of interdisciplinary collaboration. By combining the magic of illusion with the science of AI, USA Make a Difference and USA Magicians have created a unique platform to promote understanding and acceptance of AI technology.

The launch of the AI Do Good Initiative marks a significant step in the journey towards harnessing AI for societal good. With the creativity of USA Magicians, the dedication of USA Make a Difference, and the publicity support from Ask AI Guy, the initiative is well-positioned to create a significant impact.

This collaboration signifies a new era in public engagement with technology. It’s an acknowledgment that the magic of change lies not just in technological advancement, but in the innovative ways we share and apply these advancements. The AI Do Good Initiative is set to cast a spell that makes AI a more accessible and tangible concept, ultimately inspiring a generation of difference-makers.

Directions for a New World

“USA Make a Difference” Announces Things Keep Getting Better and Better!

Better Days are Here as We See Everyday an NYC that is Working on itself while Keeping a Sincere Smile!

This website is a supporter of the Platinum PIAs program, that for ten years annually presented awards to New Yorkers and Americans all over the country, who made a difference in the lives of others. The PIAs has been a popular initiative for over a decade.

The Platinum PIAs recognizes and honors people who have made a significant impact on their communities, and it is a testament to the idea that everyone can make a difference. The event also awarded those who in the past had a company in need that almost folded, but due to a belief in a strong USA, brought it back to good health.

The program has been successful in inspiring many small company owners and everyday people to get involved and make a positive change through the power of Cause Marketing.

And USA Make a Difference is proud to announce that more and more a person in need who has a company in need, are able to turn it around to being a success due to Cause Marketing.

Overall, the website and the idea of USA Make a Difference are a reminder that we are all capable of making a difference, and that working together we can achieve great things. And here in Manhattan, New York City, the NYC Housing Lottery is making a big difference with helping those in need have a place to live.

So with so much good going on, do we need to save a country, namely ours, the U.S.? A lot of great work has gone on lately like the big strides made with the notion of Save NYC Together.

But off course there is always room for improvement. For example U.S. Ageism. We do continue to make this cause better, but with every movement forward, there almost inevitably is a step back.

And yes it is true. Here in the Big Apple, things just keep getting better and better!

Directions for a New World

Are We all “Really Good at Something,” and if so, did it Become Our Expertise?

When We Look at Our Lives through a Prism, What Do We See?

We’re all good at something? Some will say that in terms of them, the statement is not accurate. They emphasize that they are good at nothing. And yet, we believe that those who say such things are good at something, it just might not be what they expect.

Being an expert at something, especially in some industries, can really make a difference for the person who has the expertise. Others of us have had fleeting moments of being very good at something that people needed, only for that thing and its industry to get disrupted. And there was no clear pivot.

And yet, even after a day of working hard on a project, that ended with no useable outcome, I still believe that someone is good at something. Do you know what you are good at? Are you doing that thing to make a living? If not, is there a way you could provide for yourself, or you family if you have one, at least working in that field?

Sadly, for some of us we lost our window. We were on a path, going strong, but then up popped an offer that was too good to turn down. It was in an industry that many want to be a part of, but at the time of getting the offer, the industry the invitation came from was only a small subset of the thing we really wanted to do.

In recent years we have played around with activities relating to the path we wished we had taken, and have tiny bursts of success, but the timing being too late to go full fledged in that field.

But before I go off and have a pity party, I have to listen myself to the thought at the start of this post, that everyone is good at something. I always assumed that I was best at the career I did not pursue, and yet, would it really have been the wrong choice.

I close with a thought. Some of us think of the chance we decided against all those years later and how we really blew it. But if we look at our life today through the prism of trying to discover if we really did make the wrong choice?

If we were were truthful with ourselves of what we actually were best at, in the case for some, we might realize that in fact we did make the right choices. And that what we are actually best at, got us where we are today. And looking at our lives, come to the conclusion we have a lot to be grateful for.

Directions for a New World

METHOD HOW the “USA Make a Difference” Newsletter Changed its Name

It has been an interesting transition. If you subscribed to the newsletter for this site, then you know what I am talking about. For a couple of years, up until a few months ago, we had a terrific report that we would send out, each time in a creative and original incarnation.

Then recently it became clear that what was needed was a “METHOD HOW Report,” meaning that we would develop a new METHOD HOW to do something that was useful to Business Owners, especially those who fit into the “U.S. in Need” Paradigm, meaning that they suffered throughout the thickest part of the Pandemic and now their company is holding on by a string.

So we immediately went to work developing strategies. Creating little short step-by-step plan in just 10 easy steps. The idea was that rather then having to plow through hundreds of pages in an eBook, now you could get exactly what you needed instantly online.

Well when that project got launched we realized that the best way to describe this process was METHOD HOW. So we suggested that METHOD HOW take over the newsletter because the primary audience of it are business owners and others in businesses of various kinds.

We were impressed with the way the strategies were laid out and saw the possibilities of how being able to have a simple and effective strategic plan in just 10 steps, this would open up the doors, especially for businesses that are suffering and need an edge of some kind that would enable them to be able to grow again while they made a difference in their community.

So we flat out suggested that METHOD HOW take over the newsletter and start to call it the “METHOD HOW Report.” I saw it right away how this changing of hands could truly make a difference in the lives of small business owners who are licking their wounds having gotten a horrible bashing around thanks to dear COVID.

And then there were all the other wonderful (not) things that are happening and really have a negative impact on small business owners including inflation, flash mob theft, a country divided, gas prices and on and on.

So it would be quite handy to have a guide to very quickly follow the steps. And these strategies, with a new one each week on the “METHOD HOW Newsletter,” are completely free to businesses that are suffering and fit into the “U.S. in Need” status. We get asked what is the METHOD HOW to get on the “METHOD HOW Report” list and receive their reports?

The answer is that at this time when they are beta testing strategies, this is fine for their current subscribers because they have the benefit of having been following this process weekly and understand what is going on. Anyone else at this stage would get very confused.

That said, there is talk of maybe opening itself up to new subscribers after the testing has been completed. I will keep you in the loop about this or you can check to see when the new METHOD HOW website will be launched by going to the site which currently has a “Coming Soon” page.

Directions for a New World

Is “USA Make a Difference” Really Handing Over their Email Newsletter to the “Method How” Report?

Welcome Startup Introverts to a “Method How” to “Make a Difference!”

A Newsletter that for Two Years Has Not Let in Any New Subscribers!

It has been nearly two years since “USA Make a Difference” stepped in and took the reins of their current newsletter from an entity that had been running the publication for a few years before that. And ever since USA Make a Difference took over, they never let in new subscribers.

No New Subscribers Allowed for Around Two Years!

They were happy to deliver new weekly content to their existing email list, which as it turns out, were and are a pretty loyal group. There were very few unsubscribes happening during that 24-month period which continues, because still no new signups are being allowed. And yet, according to analytics, the newsletter has had a high amount of opens throughout the “USA Make a Difference” time period.

Diary of a Startup Introvert

So, will all this good news why is the “USA Make a Difference” Newsletter now being handed over to “Method How” with its new name being the “Method How” Report? As of this writing “Method How” does not have a web presence and is more of a term used to describe an ambitious project focused on introverts. Specifically, introverts in business, calling themselves: “Startup Introverts.”

Thumbs Up Introverts!

But to clarify, it is not that a bunch of quiet souls are taking over the reins. Not exactly anyway. It will still be a part of the “USA Make a Difference” mission of, well, making a difference. U.S.A.M.A,D. is one of the community websites of the “Blog Coalition” family.

Strategies for Introverts!

Changing the name to “Method How” is a more succinct description of what the content is going to be about moving forward. There will be previews being given of new short term “business success strategies,” each strategy with its own purpose and outcome.

A Strategic Approach

“Method How” will be about the “Method How” new strategies are being developed. It will be focused on helping small business owners, Mom and Pops and those with an idea for a business, to maximize their results with a strategic approach!

Directions for a New World

A Question for American Artists, Businesspeople and ArtisticPreneurs: are You on Your DOER PATH?!

So, on the Yianni Stamas blog site there is a brief article that actually mentions us. Why? To be a part of a post that attempts to very briefly talk about the process of going from being a Dreamer into Doer.

Do You Want to Go from Being a “Dreamer into Doer?”

The idea of being a Doer, as well as the concept of getting onto your “Doer Path” is a movement that is growing. Slowly? Yes. But still becoming larger and larger every day.

In the Face of Destruction, the Believers Rise Up

As of the first third time period now in 2022, many of us are awestruck by when taking in the coming together and focus on fighting for what they believe in.” We are talking about strength and belief in unity, can make a difference. If this is a belief, there is no losing in the end. Winning is showing up every day aligned with others in your life.

Sometimes what We Do is Not the Priority

The unspeakable violence against a group of peaceful people is centerstage. Therefore, talking about anything else appears inadequate and not up to the level of the other in importance.

Certainly, starting an awards show, pales in comparison?

An Awards Show is the Least of Priorities

We can do what we can to help the cause, whether it be to volunteer with nonprofits, or spreading the word online. That said, we must all still live our lives and try to make what we do, to be helpful to the larger causes in this world today.

Hence, what possible justification does starting an awards show have to do with in the big pictures. How can this matter and make a difference.

“What is with the Mention of Awards?”

And all this as we face the virus and a window into destruction overseas. So, what are Americans to do? Is intensified violence with others joining the fight, going to happen? Why then start a celebration during which the hard work of others on a cause is recognized?

For some, starting an awards show is their way of making a difference by recognizing those who make a difference. Testing in this area has worked for use and lasted for a decade. What awards show is it? The Platinum PIAs.

That is why we say to you:

“American artists and businesspeople, are you ready?”


Tragedy Struck Last Friday Here in NYC and will Hopefully Lead to New Mayor Adams STOPPING the Violence – but will He?!

Stop the Violence in NYC

Manhattan, NY, Two Police Officers Die, New Mayor Vows Change

In the moment it was riveting. The new mayor of NYC, Eric Adams, vowed to make change. This was on last Friday. A young police officer was killed and a second injured, then days later passed. At the initial response on Friday, Adams says “It is us against the killers.” Nice idea. Spoken with conviction. But what has he actually done thus far to ensure this kind of thing will not happen again? He has so far been pushing for a safety program to be reinstated, but many oppose it. Will he be successful at actually curbing violence? Someone gets shot pretty much weekly, within a few blocks radius of where I live with my wife and our daughter. Will Addams be effective at stopping this?

Why Do Most Politicians Not Do What They Were Elected to Do?

Sadly, in this terrific country, the USA, we elect politicians to make a difference and most never do. This site is about “making a difference,” and unlike most of us, ironically, politicians actually get paid (and well I might add) to make a difference but do not! Why? Is it because their coffers are subsidized by special interest? Are there other monetary opportunities behind the scenes we do not know about, that entice them into doing nothing? Or are they just plain awful at their jobs, but good at lying about what they will accomplish if elected? In other other words are they:

Good at getting elected.

But bad at their job?

Taking Steps to Steps Not Taken

Politicians here in NYC have been promising for years to curb violence in the greatest city in the world. Unfortunately, as is to be expected, not much has occurred in the form of actual action steps taken. It’s like the old riddle:

Q: How can you tell if a politician is lying?

A: Their mouth is moving.

Taking On Transformation in Manhattan and the Burroughs

Regarding the taking on of violence here in our city, to be fair, navigating through the special interest in any politics is not easy. The hope of voters with each new official we the people bring into being, is that the individual will somehow be not encumbered by their own personal paydays, yet at the same time, have enough influence to make a difference.

The Blockade Known as Catch 22

It is a true Catch 22 of course, in which a politician’s momentum to create change is in direct proportion to the amount to their price to keep politics as usual in place. Increase one, and the there is a diminishing of the other, and vice versa. So, it is difficult to say whether or not our new mayor Eric Adams is going to be effective at all.

Community Activities

Yianni Stamas reflects on 10 years of producing the Platinum PIAs, the community awards show

When looking for people who make it a part of their life “to try to make a difference,” Yianni Stamas certainly fits the bill. Although in some ways the pandemic is easing up a bit, variants have made an entrance. Therefore, we did not do the interview in person, but emailed him 3 questions.

Here are those questions with Yianni’s responses.

How did you come up with the Platinum PIAs idea?

I booked the Tribeca Screening Room far in advance, thinking I was going to be screening some film stuff I had been working on, back when I was a filmmaker of sorts. At the screening date got nearer, I panicked and realized there was no way I was going to have what I was working on ready. But rather than cancelling the booking, I thought it might be fun to do a community awards show. My wife and I had done volunteer work as performers for kids and community was important to us. With about a week or so to prepare we threw together the first annual Platinum PIAs Awards that continued annually for a decade. The premise was simple which was to recognize those in NYC communities who were making a difference. We gave PIAs to pharmacy owners, actors, dentists, heads of nonprofits, teachers, librarians and more. It was a lot of fun, and a community grew around the PIAs who would show up each year that we were live and in person.

I have heard a variety of different answers to this one, but what is “PIA” an acronym for?

I honestly do not know. I think there was a reason I used “PIA” but swiftly forgot it. Hence, it was embarrassing when talking to reports, because they would of course ask me that question. So, in every interview it would be a different three words. I think that “PIA” stands for whatever anyone wants it to be.

What was your most favorite year of staging the Platinum PIAs?

You would think I would say the year we had a Hollywood style upscale version of it, but that was not it, although it was a fun one. I would have to say any of the ceremonies my friend Rodger was in. He was an amazing person and was an author and librarian who I also did a lot of education work with at various NYPL branches. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago.