When We Look at Our Lives through a Prism, What Do We See?

We’re all good at something? Some will say that in terms of them, the statement is not accurate. They emphasize that they are good at nothing. And yet, we believe that those who say such things are good at something, it just might not be what they expect.

Being an expert at something, especially in some industries, can really make a difference for the person who has the expertise. Others of us have had fleeting moments of being very good at something that people needed, only for that thing and its industry to get disrupted. And there was no clear pivot.

And yet, even after a day of working hard on a project, that ended with no useable outcome, I still believe that someone is good at something. Do you know what you are good at? Are you doing that thing to make a living? If not, is there a way you could provide for yourself, or you family if you have one, at least working in that field?

Sadly, for some of us we lost our window. We were on a path, going strong, but then up popped an offer that was too good to turn down. It was in an industry that many want to be a part of, but at the time of getting the offer, the industry the invitation came from was only a small subset of the thing we really wanted to do.

In recent years we have played around with activities relating to the path we wished we had taken, and have tiny bursts of success, but the timing being too late to go full fledged in that field.

But before I go off and have a pity party, I have to listen myself to the thought at the start of this post, that everyone is good at something. I always assumed that I was best at the career I did not pursue, and yet, would it really have been the wrong choice.

I close with a thought. Some of us think of the chance we decided against all those years later and how we really blew it. But if we look at our life today through the prism of trying to discover if we really did make the wrong choice?

If we were were truthful with ourselves of what we actually were best at, in the case for some, we might realize that in fact we did make the right choices. And that what we are actually best at, got us where we are today. And looking at our lives, come to the conclusion we have a lot to be grateful for.