So, on the Yianni Stamas blog site there is a brief article that actually mentions us. Why? To be a part of a post that attempts to very briefly talk about the process of going from being a Dreamer into Doer.

Do You Want to Go from Being a “Dreamer into Doer?”

The idea of being a Doer, as well as the concept of getting onto your “Doer Path” is a movement that is growing. Slowly? Yes. But still becoming larger and larger every day.

In the Face of Destruction, the Believers Rise Up

As of the first third time period now in 2022, many of us are awestruck by when taking in the coming together and focus on fighting for what they believe in.” We are talking about strength and belief in unity, can make a difference. If this is a belief, there is no losing in the end. Winning is showing up every day aligned with others in your life.

Sometimes what We Do is Not the Priority

The unspeakable violence against a group of peaceful people is centerstage. Therefore, talking about anything else appears inadequate and not up to the level of the other in importance.

Certainly, starting an awards show, pales in comparison?

An Awards Show is the Least of Priorities

We can do what we can to help the cause, whether it be to volunteer with nonprofits, or spreading the word online. That said, we must all still live our lives and try to make what we do, to be helpful to the larger causes in this world today.

Hence, what possible justification does starting an awards show have to do with in the big pictures. How can this matter and make a difference.

“What is with the Mention of Awards?”

And all this as we face the virus and a window into destruction overseas. So, what are Americans to do? Is intensified violence with others joining the fight, going to happen? Why then start a celebration during which the hard work of others on a cause is recognized?

For some, starting an awards show is their way of making a difference by recognizing those who make a difference. Testing in this area has worked for use and lasted for a decade. What awards show is it? The Platinum PIAs.

That is why we say to you:

“American artists and businesspeople, are you ready?”