Free is Time

How to Decide if You Want to Start a Free Blog

Will Running a Free Blog Take Up Too Much of Your Time?

We live in a time during which running a business while making a difference is quite possible. One key method that people and organizations have access to is to create a blog. As you likely know, in this age of technology you can create a blog totally free. So do not let the worry of expense to take a toll on you. Free is free. Though, the question here that should be examined in the onset is the question “Do you really want to take on the time that a free blog requires?”

If You Decide to Launch You Free Blog, What Would Its Purpose Be?

For business owners and those who have business ideas, it is sometimes difficult to figure out where to start when you are putting together your online tools. One question you could be asking yourself is “Should I even start a blog?”

Your Free Blog Can Be Your Business Anchor

A blog, if done and promoted strategically, can be the anchor for your business or even if you are just sharing an idea for a business you might start.

Giving Tips in Your Free Blog Can Help You Get More Customers

For owners of already existing businesses, your blog is a place for your customers and future ones, to have a window into your evolving and updated story, as well as maybe getting useful tips, in conjunction with the problems that your business solves.

What Expectations Do You Have for Your Blog?

And for those of you who are in the business development phase, a blog can assist you in finding out if your idea is going to roll based on the response you get online. So, whether you are a business owner or someone deciding if they will launch, it is important to know what your expectations are.

Have You Made a Search Typing Keywords such as “Free Blog Platform?”

A good place to start when developing a free blog is to make the vital decision which is to decide on what free platform you want to use for your blog.

Are You Overwhelmed with Having to Decide on Your Free Blog Platform?

Yes, with so many good and free choices out there, making this decision can sometimes be a bit over whelming. What makes this even more difficult is the fact that technology is rapidly evolving., so what might make sense now could later turn out to be not the best choice since the platform you originally signed up for could no longer be useful to you. Here is a way to calm down. Think in terms of what you really need your free blog to help you achieve?

In Conclusion

Is running a free blog going to help you both with the development of you organization as well as will it serve a purpose in you making a difference?


The USA Make a Difference Team is hard at work with the goal to make a difference in the lives of online creators or those who own a business or are currently developing a business idea. It is an extremely ambitious and time consuming project that includes a comprehensive program mapping out weekly and daily procedures. These procedures collectively are a way to make a difference while making a living. The team is still not committed to the project in the sense that they reserve the right to opt out of the process at any moment. Stay tuned, because if we do not pull out this week, next week could potentially include more information about this potential endeavor.

Boredom to Passion

I Feel Like a Bored Dog Who Dislikes Magicians and is Not Interested in Making a Difference

Less Canine and More Passion

Reality check. Are you not interested in making a difference but would like to be more interested in making a difference? Taking a look at the words and phrases of the heading above could be helpful in terms of what you might, or might not, relate to. Chances are you are not a dog. Dogs can not read. Though, you might be bored with your life in general and would like to be more passionate about something. Anything. A search for meaning? Oh, and the disliking magicians thing? That is going to make more sense as we dig deeper into this post.

Why do You Want to Turn Boredom to Passion?

You can not make a difference if you are bored and have no passion for what you do. If you want to turn your boredom into passion by disliking magicians, you have come to the right place. The website that you are on right now, “USA Make a Difference,” will at the end of this post link you to 3 websites, all of which are proud members of the Blog coalition and will give you their take on beating boredom and finding passion. The first of these websites is “Harry Potter Fan Club NYC” that looks at fan passion, “Become a Mentalist” is next and views the importance of having passion if you want to make mentalism your career, and finally “Houdini Day” that examines how having passion drove to success one of the, if not the, most famous magician of all time.

How to Stop Being So Frigging Bored and Turn Your Frigging Boredom into Frigging Passion

For those of you who are looking for something to be passionate about, you might be bored right now reading this blog, asking yourself if you want to give it any further of your time and interest to turn your boredom into passion? After all, you may think, that if you are bored right now reading this, what possible hope for you is there in in that taking in this ream of information? Will it get you any closer to stop being so frigging bored? The answer is that “N” followed by “O” spell NO. If you are asking this you are not ready to turn boredom to passion, let alone turning your boredom into “sort of being interested but not really.” So please stop reading this right now and go back to being frigging bored because becoming frigging passionate is not in the cards for you today.

Goodluck Goodbye to Some and Hello and Welcome to Others

Good. They left. It is time to take in a breath and let out a big sigh of relief. Let us start with looking at your boredom. You could be bored with sites like this one, “USA Make a Difference,” and feeling as if the pressure is on you to make a difference. You are bored with that. Bored with your job or bored without having one. Bored with your friends. Bored with romance. Bored with what is on your steaming movies website. Let us face it, you are bored with your life.

Luck is Here for Those of You Who are Frigging Bored with Being Frigging Bored

Well, you are in luck because, boredom can be solved as easy as a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. In fact, just as the title claims we will show you how to turn boredom into passion by hating magicians.

Please Read this Before Skipping Ahead, especially if You See Yourself as Being a Part of the Magician and Mentalist Community.

Yes, in case we do have some mentalists or magicians reading this, you just might have arrived here, as several have, by searching some variation of keyword clusters that involved the word “Magician. “Do not worry my fellow conjurers, we are prestidigitator friendly here. In fact, something I had intended to do at the start of all this was to exhibit especially important disclaimer below:

No Magicians Were Harmed in the Making of This Information Compilation

Though, if you are reading this because you are bored with magic or mentalism, I hate to say it, but in truth you may not be the right fit in the first place calling yourself a magic and mentalist practitioner. Why? Because as we will soon explore 99.9 percent of magicians and mentalists love the magic and mentalism arts. For many, and this has been true throughout the ages, want nothing more to talk about and perform magic and mentalism

A Profession that Those Doing it are Passionate About

Observing these types of people become our window into what being passionate about. I can vouch for this love of my chosen art firsthand. I was most engrossed as a performer from ages 8 to 18. I made money doing it from ages 12 to 16. As far as having a part time job as a magician, as a kid doing it I did well. I did mostly birthday parties. But I also did what I did in conjunction with filling seats in theaters, as well as being the entertainment for employee dinner celebrations, high school fundraisers and so on and so forth. By this time, you have probably guessed what my part time job was. Yes, I was a basketball star. Just kidding. I was a kid magician.

Magic as I Have Experienced it Firsthand

And after many years away from it, I have put one foot back into the world of magic here in New York City by becoming a member of one of the most prestigious clubs for magicians in the world. And after a couple of years being among many magicians, I can attest to the fact the magic passion exists even in older age brackets such as those in their60s, 70s, 80s and yes even beyond that. I know and understand the passion magicians have because I have that passion now, or at least are bringing it back up to the surface. Case in point, I wrote all this and most of it uses the concept of magic and magicians for you to go to your next level of turning boredom into passion. You see, magicians are deeply passionate about magic.

Why are Magicians so Passionate About Magic?

Why are magicians passionate about what they do? Some do it because they like being on stage. Others as means of connecting with people. I know magicians who seem to do magic because they like the challenge and feeling of accomplishment that comes with practicing sleight of hand. Some even see the magic of magic and enjoy very much the wonder in kids’ eyes, astounding the grownups too, and in general making people laugh and be amazed. It can be a very upbeat profession. A profession that those in it are passionate about doing so.

How Do Notes on the Observation of Magicians Help You?

Okay but the question is how does me talking about magicians help you to become passionate about something? In fact, some people really hate magicians, find them to be annoying because all they do is say “Pick a card” and are clearly attention seekers because they are pathetic losers in life. If you feel strongly that you are anti magic, congratulations. You have something to be passionate about which is to hate magicians. In fact, you could even create a club for it.

A Club for Hating Magicians?

Think about it. Imagine a club to take down those despicable magician low lifers who are so very annoying with their sponge balls and coins? Hmm. Yes. Think about it. If you start that club, you could automatically make yourself the president of it. You could also have a blog that you use to express your magician rage each week, or if you are really steaming about the topic, you could even do it daily or maybe just do a bonus post every so often. Being the president of an organization would make you an expert of “Magician Hate” and might even get booked on talk shows. How cool would it be to have a means of venting about how your blood really boils when you think about the audacity of an individual who a magic set as a kid and then turn it into something they do for a living, in this case, annoying people with their prestidigitation.

Give a Heave-Ho to Others of Their Kind

But why stop with just giving the world the gift of zero magicians? What about getting rid of all those annoying people who hang out with magicians? This could include ventriloquists, jugglers, balloon twisters, clowns, and even worse than clowns, mimes. Except for maybe keep face painters because sometimes you enjoy looking like a cat.

Domain Name?

You could then launch a revolution or at least a trend about how hating magicians changed your life and could change the lives of others too. To be truly transformational, you would need your blog to have a name that expresses your anger of your hate of magicians and that of others. Something personal. Something is simple also so people could easily remember it. One domain name you might consider is

The Magic Trick You Want to Do

You are in luck. Because if you want to register the domain name, we just checked out a domain registrar on your behalf and are happy to say that as of the date of writing this, is available. This means that if you purchase this domain first no one else will be able to use it and you can now create a website with which you can share your hate with others who, like you, hate those darn magic types who need to (pardon the pun) vanish. That is a magic trick you would want to do.

Time to Perceive the Opposite of the Glass Half Empty

Of course, the thing about website domain names is that at any moment, someone from all over the world could possibly get that domain name before you do. But do not fret, if you check it out and discover that someone else already got the domain, you are faced with a way to make your disappointment go away and start to look at the glass as half full.

Open the Possibility

If you were to contact the person who got the domain before you could, you may have found someone who you could partner with. Imagine that. Two are stronger than one, and if you had someone who you could stand side by side with, it opens the possibility that with your fellow hater you could create something especially important. Think about it. You as one of the key individuals to lead the “I Hate Magicians Revolution.” You heard right, “Revolution.” Come to think of it, the domain name could work also for your cause.

Time to Stop Using the Magician Analogy, or at Least Use it Less

If you have made it this far it is probably easy to figure out where we are going toward by creating a fictional idea that has to do with hating magicians. If you are bored out of you mind with your life, one of the best things you can do is to look at things you have a strong dislike of. Whatever your dislikes are, they represent a window you could look through that triggers an idea to pursue as a passion like hating magicians.

Some Clarity on the Topic

Though, we are not suggesting that you use the concept of “hate” as the gasoline for your car, but instead are saying that knowing your own dislikes, especially the strong ones, the more possibility opens for you to find the key to your vehicle in which you can drive your passion forward. Special note, I do not drive so I am not sure why I am using an automobile analogy. But ultimately the point I am trying to make here is that “our dislikes are the key to knowing what we like.”

Your Transformational Process

So, if you are frigging bored with your world, take a cold hard look at what you find to be quite unappealing and from this you might uncover a key to you being able to transform your passion from being “I hate magicians” to “I love magicians.”

All Right, Time to Get to Some Business by Revealing the Next 3 Informational Websites

If you have been following the blog posts on, then you know that at least weekly and sometimes even more often than that, we link to 3 websites from the nearly 60 of them that are members of the Blog Coalition. We work toward connecting you to sites with related information to the topic we are covering at the time. For example, here on we just went through the examination of how to turn boredom into passion by hating magicians.

What Comes Next?

Some areas we thought you might find interesting to continue our dialogue about magicians and passion is to look at some of the most passionate people around. It all starts out with that extremely popular and fictional magician character, Harry Potter with questions being asked such as “Why do fans start fan clubs?” For the answer to this an other questions we recommend going to “Harry Potter Fan Club NYC.” Or if you are interested in becoming a professional magician, or more specifically a certain kind of magician known as a mentalist, then we suggest you visit how to “Become a Mentalist.” Finally, do you know of a magician who died almost a hundred years ago yet is still a household word today? They are going to dig into why this individual is still a household name today as seen at “Houdini Day.”

Experimenting with Making a Difference

When the Cat’s Away the Mice Will Play by Doing an Experiment Analyzing Human Nature

Thanks to those of You who Make a Difference

First giving a shoutout and a thumbs up to all of you out there who are making a difference with your businesses and communities, we just want you to know that the 4 of us appreciate your hard work on behalf of others. But we now take you away from our regularly scheduled programming for a brief intermission and change of plans in the form of an experiment.

Before We Dive In

First, we just want to make it clear that what is about to happen has not been sanctioned by either this website, “USA Make a Difference, or the Blog Coalition or the 3 other sites that have been taken over by my cohorts. We are exercising our right to free speech and are co-creating a collective “performance art piece” and experiment The blogs that my fellow interns are taking over are “How to do Online Marketing,” “How to Get New Customers,” and “Market Your Journey.”

Even More Clarification

I am an intern filling in on this post, and along with 3 other of us, due to our bosses going on vacation, we are each taking the place of the regular bloggers of not only this website, but also for those 3 linked above..

Kind of Taking the Path Less Traveled

With no disrespect intended to the Blog Coalition, which all 4 blogs involved today are members of, but since we interns are in the control of what happens now, we want to shake things up a bit. Did you ever notice that the evening news has more negative stories than positive ones? That is because human beings are often drawn faster to the negative rather than to the positive. So that is why us 4 replacement bloggers are doing what we are doing. We want to negativity versus positivity to the test.