Passion into Business?

Should You Search for Business Ideas in Your Passion Industry only?

Can You Make a Difference with a Passion Topic Business?

It is not an easy path making your passion into a business. A part of having a service or product that people will gladly pay for is uncovered by finding a need and problem that a niche group has, followed by then creating and selling a solution to those who have that problem. And if you decide to create an online business, it gives you a platform to let people know that we can all be a part of making a difference! More info about the process of creating a media business and related topics can be found in today’s 3 blogs which are “Documystery,” “Movie Process,” and “Thrillumentary.”

How Do You Leverage Your Passion Category?

How then do you find your business to be within your passion? Do you search your passion looking for a real need and problem, followed by monetizing it with by providing a solution to the problem?

Will You Find the Right Source?

Unfortunately, depending on the industry where your passion exists, it may not be “ready-made” in terms of being able to find the problem and solution by searching this passion. The fact is you have less flexibility if you only have your passion as the source of your business idea. Ideally, you as a watcher of human beings might stumble into a problem that needs solving, though might not be in your passion industry.

A Good Product Concept Discovered, though Not in Your Passion Industry

But if you believe the need is there, go for it. If you are not just boxed in by your passion industry you open up the possibility of finding worthy ideas from hundreds even thousands of industries. If you are trying to do it while restricted by your passion, it may be tough to think of something that others not just need but REALLY need!

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