You Can Make a Difference Right Now!

NYC and the USA, it’s Time to Get Your Vaccination!

Getting Your Vaccine in NYC

Now more than ever, with the Pandemic still raging, it is the time to step in and make a difference. Sharing the message that “Getting the vaccine can mean life or death,” is one of the most important things we can do in the modern age. Getting vaccinated is literally life changing and saving. Even if you are medically at risk, receiving the shot increases your chances that even if you do still contract the virus, it is less likely to be terminal. Three blogs from the Blog Coalition (that now has nearly 60 unified websites) have recently touched on the virus while examining other challenges of their communities. These blogs making a difference include:

Manhattan Coronavirus

Inwood Manhattan

Bronx News NYC

There are Still those Who are Hesitant to Get the Vaccine

If we all work together, we can get others to get vaccinated, even if they have their own reasons for avoiding doing so. According to newscasts, those who are currently iffy about receiving the lifesaving vaccine include white male Republicans and even people of color. Some media sources say that surveying has revealed that a large percentage of Republicans do not believe the shot will help, which is ironic because the former president, an influential Republican himself, has already gotten his. Some groups have not pursued getting vaccinated for a variety of reasons that include a lack of access as well as having an understandable mistrust (due to history) of government medication offerings.

Please help yourself while you help others. Get vaccinated!


Magicians are Burning Out in Today’s Pandemic World

3 Blogs that are Stepping Up to the Plate

We are happy to announce the cooperation between 3 of the nearly 60 sites and growing, that are a part of our collective Blog Coalition. These 3 blogs are USA Magicians, the Big Apple Awards and Web Design Magician, all of which are committed to the mission of USA Make a Difference. The short version of our mission is “to help make a difference by helping you make a difference!” The longer version is “to work toward a solution for civil unrest and the pandemic by helping you use web communication arts to make a difference as you GROW your business.”

The Challenge to Survive

In this writing, the use of the vocational term “Magician” is an analogy intended to represent anyone who is currently finding it challenging to survive. This is important since making a living in the present time as a conjurer can seem on occasion to be nearly impossible. Directly below are links to the 3 sites that are taking on the challenge of helping magicians get back on the saddle.

USA Magicians

Web Design Magician

Making a Difference is Magic

Marketer Magician and Friends Present

Marketer Magician and Friends Present Marketing that Can Be Magic!

Special thanks to the three magic USA websites featured below that are from our blog coalition of nearly 60 sites and growing. These three blogs are:


Manhattan Magician

Marketer Magician

MagicPreneur, Manhattan Magician and Marketer Magician have all recently posted information on how making a difference can be magic when it comes to marketing. Thanks to them for providing access to written content that is being used in our current newsletter edition.

Making a Difference Can Mean Many Things

Depending on who you ask, you’ll get different interpretations of what making a difference means. There are those who define making a difference as impacting someone or a community in a positive way. But the flip side of this is the interpretation that you can also make a difference in someone’s life in a negative manner. The positive approach is to help people to solve their problems while the negative way is to make problems worse or even create new ones. Sometimes the latter can occur unknowingly and without malice. An example of this is the restrictions on small businesses due to the Pandemic. Their problems loom high at this point, without an easy solutions in sight.

Make a Difference

In this time of a mass Pandemic, a rule of thumb is to focus on the positive aspects of human beings. This does not mean you should pretend to yourself that negative things do not exist, it just means that happiness can be found when aspiring to make the best possible difference in people’s lives.