NYC and the USA, it’s Time to Get Your Vaccination!

Getting Your Vaccine in NYC Now more than ever, with the Pandemic still raging, it is the time to step in and make a difference. Sharing the message that “Getting the vaccine can mean life or death,” is one of the most important things we can do in the modern age. Getting vaccinated is literally […]

Magicians are Burning Out in Today’s Pandemic World

3 Blogs that are Stepping Up to the Plate We are happy to announce the cooperation between 3 of the nearly 60 sites and growing, that are a part of our collective Blog Coalition. These 3 blogs are USA Magicians, the Big Apple Awards and Web Design Magician, all of which are committed to the […]

Marketer Magician and Friends Present

Marketer Magician and Friends Present Marketing that Can Be Magic! Special thanks to the three magic USA websites featured below that are from our blog coalition of nearly 60 sites and growing. These three blogs are: MagicPreneur Manhattan Magician Marketer Magician MagicPreneur, Manhattan Magician and Marketer Magician have all recently posted information on how making […]