A Difference in Your Process

The Evolution of the Journal

Years ago, when we used to think about the act of documenting our lives, the visual that was conjured up tended to be writing in a notebook. Nowadays, we live in the age of phone selfies. And with Facebook and other social media means, there is a platform for us being heard (as well as become a statistic sold to advertisers).

Implosion Leads to Rebirth

For some, much of their time was spent portraying online a hyped-up version of their own lifestyle to gain envy from friends and family. Thankfully, all this personal promotional effort has imploded for many causing more and more of them each day to focus instead on making a difference.

The Difference that Becoming a Parent Makes

One bastion of self-promotion has been the blog that since December of 2011 has been a documentation of the life and work of a former magician. A pivotal transformational benchmark for him has been the positive transition that can occur when you become a father.

Genres are Changing

Another development has been the newfound joy of many to creatively express themselves. It is the mission of many to create entertainment with their phones, in genres like the DocuMystery. The aim is to share with others and maybe even make a difference.

Creative Expression

In fact, the impact that phones have had on the movie process (as seen at has launched a whole new vista of creative expression.


Solving Your Money Puzzle with USA eLearning, Big Foot Zombie and Disneyites

Puzzle Leads to Action

Who would have thought that the money puzzle many of us try to put together for financial security could learn from websites USAelearning, BigFootZombie and Disneyite?! The point being made here is that sometimes a good orderly direction can be derived from some of the most unexpected places.

These include:

USA eLearning

USA eLearning’s website can help you with your financial portfolio in this time of COVID-19.

Big Foot Zombie

Big Foot Zombie’s website offers tips on saving as well as gives you digital products and services you can sell online.


Disneyite’s website offers suggestions for being able to generate and save money to go on a Disney Cruise.

Education Hope

USA Make a Difference by Starting Your Own Digital Subscription-Based Business

According to Wikipedia regarding tomorrow’s inauguration:

“Since 1937, it has taken place at noon EST on January 20, the first day of the new term, some 72 to 78 days after the presidential election, except for three occasions when January 20 fell on a Sunday.”

So, for many it is an important day and one of hope. The hope is that this time around there will be a focus in our country on making a difference. And that is what this website, USA Make a Difference, is all about. The goal for is to empower you to make a difference as you grow your business. And some businesses are more easily adaptable than others when it comes to making a difference.

The Digital Subscription-Business Model

One such business model is that of starting a digital subscription-based business. Why? Because this business structure gives the site owner the opportunity to express views about our country and things that can help it. Also, it is the kind of business from which you can receive reoccurring passive income. It is a business that is mostly automated so if you get new customers and can keep them, it can be quite financially rewarding. Following are three websites from which you can learn more about how to create your own Digital Subscription-Based Business.


NYC AIM is the acronym for New York City Apprenticeships in Media. On this website can be found information regarding the steps to get started with developing your own digital subscription-based business.

USA Create

USA Create picks up where NYC AIM leaves off, including additional details on creating your own digital subscription-based business.


DigiComArts is the site that has the final post on giving you the digital communication arts methodology you need to start a digital subscription-based business.


How to Create and Conduct Your Online Workshop During the Pandemic

NYC Workshops are Being Created

Those who conduct educational events here in NYC often do so as a form of “giving back” and making a difference. Now in New York City some folks are creating learning experiences for the web so that they can continue to do what they used to do in-person, only now it is a virtual process. New Yorkers, despite many difficulties (COVID and Division), are still using their talents to help educate others. One such method of doing this, is to develop and implement NYC Workshops.

USA How To “How To”

We know that all across the country there are those who want to make a difference by sharing what they know how to do. So, USA are you ready to take what you know and make it into a “How To” workshop? This is very possible because facilitators all over the USA are engaging in teaching what they have knowledge of to their fellow Americans via Zoom and other programs. Creating or participating in an educational experience can help all of us to not feel so alone. Yes America it is time to develop your own “How To” or to put it another way, USA How To.

NYC Create to Save Our Beloved City

Manhattan, NY, has been hard hit by the Pandemic and the division in our country. But New Yorkers are a tough breed and now they are helping to get our city back on its groove through making a difference. You see, with the governor’s help and the will of tough New Yorkers, we are slowly building back together the creative expression and joy of learning new things. This is a city that thrives on the sharing of knowledge and experiences. The Big Apple as we fondly call it, is getting back on track despite the Pandemic and a people nationally divided. The prescription required is, NYC Create.

Digital Highway

“USA Make a Difference” Reflects on Tools You Can Use to Make a Difference While Growing Your Business

USA Online Film Web as a Source for Learning About Getting Results

The “USA Online Business” website looks at how to get results from your internet campaigns. In this instance a campaign can be as simple as sending out an email or communicating through a form of social media. But you don’t want to just blindly do this hoping for the best. You want your campaign to be well thought out in terms of what you are supplying to your audience and the result you want from them. For more information on this topic visit USA Online Business.

“Video Film Web” Has Some Ideas on Getting Followers to Take Action

“Video Film Web” is a company that is technically no longer in business yet keeps its blog alive. The business, when it was in full throttle during the 12 years that it served clients, helped all kinds of people in various industries achieve their goals. This process included video, images and text. A current post that Video Film Web has just put up looks at ideas for getting your followers to take action. This information can be found at Video Film Web.

“Art Gush” Stresses Techniques for Analyzng Your Audience

Art provides consultancy on how to create, promote and deliver “How To” products and services. They also have warnings regarding not underestimating your audience. One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make is thinking that they are smarter than their readers and therefore give them less of what they want. Trust us, you don’t want this to happen with your business. For more information on this topic visit Art Gush.

Directions for a New World

Make a Difference in America

Deal with Stigma Face to Face

Making a difference in America can be summed up as as simply as being a part of making a change for the better. Positive change is not always easy, especially considering the intense obstacles we have in the form of COVID-19 and living in a divided country. The good new is though, you can be a part of making a difference in your community regardless of how large or small it is. One of the ways this can be implemented is by being aware of the triggers we are all experiencing and therefore having empathy for others. This includes those over the age of 50 as well as New York City, both of which are stigmatized.

Being a Role Model

Leadership does not have to mean you head up a big organization, leadership can also mean that the way you are living your life can be a positive example for others. The challenge is by being the reason someone else smiles. Try to maintain a realistic view of the world while simultaneously seeing the ways you can make a difference.

Positive Difference

You can put your skills to work for others, bring joy to the United States, be a volunteer or mentor for someone or a community that needs it, say kind words to someone who is struggline and so on. The truth is you have some unique gift that others can benefit from. Think carefully aboutyour life and who you are and you will figure out a method by which you can make an impact. Although taking action o this revelation is always best, just thinking along these lines can have a positive difference with those you are close to.

Natural Beauty

The big questions in making a difference can be the seeking out solutions for problems and questions that exist in the present. How can we as a country help to make poverty to go away and the hunger with it? Is there a way we can make entergy cleaner without the stigma of a disruption and fear of some about losing their jobs? What part can you play in protecting wildlife and environments of natural beauty.

Embrace Becoming a Part of the Solution

We are proud to say an behalf of those developing it as well as participating volunteers that the next Make a Difference Day will occurr on Saturday, October 23rd. Although that is months away, it is never too early to embrace becoming a part of the solution.

Live Life

So, consider doing an act of kindness that is unexpected or being a volunteer in your community. Those who are cynical do not understand why there are folks who are seeking to make a positive change, they think that “do good-ers” are out of their minds. “What a waste of energy” some think. But the truth is that when you are part of bringing hope and understanding to our country which is greatly needed, what you get in return internally for having a big heart, can make a great difference in your life as a human being.

Symbolic Actions

Celebrating Today, January 6, in Different Cultures

An Incredible Mosaic

In this incredible mosaic known as planet earth, there are a lot of different ways to celebrate today, January 6th, 2021. Those in various communities participate, therefore making a difference.

What is Your Resolution?

But first it’s time for a brief New Year’s resolution check in. If you created a resolution for 2021, have you already taken steps toward achieving it? We know that it is still early in this process, but there is no time like the present. Unfortunately, studies have shown that most people who make a pact with themselves to achieve something over the course of the New Year…won’t! But maybe this year will be different for you than in the past?!


Okay, there are a few publications we wish to introduce, all of which talk about their communities and how they tie into January 6. These include Manhattan Coronavirus, Bronx News NYC and Inwood Manhattan.