Sherlock and New Year’s Eve

I’m about to jump into the other room for dinner and then a Sherlock Holmes game with my wife and our daughter as we count down to 2021. There are a few News Year’s Eve posts from Blog Coalition that have been done. These include MagicPreneur, Manhattan Magician and Marketer Magician. Hope your holiday season has been magic thus far and a very Happy New Year to you and yours!

Getting Along

Where Do You Find 4 Calling Birds in New York?

Technically this is the 4th Day of Christmas as depicted in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Today is the 4th day here in NYC and there are no 4 calling birds to be found, just a bunch of pigeons. Although by no means intended as substitute for 4 calling birds, we do have 3 posts at various websites to share with you. Pretty surprising they are here at all since all things on our end are supposed to be closed for the holidays and New Years. Anyway, these blog entries can be found at Houdini Day, Invent Mentalism and Magic Neighbors.


What Do Marketing, Mentalism and Potter Have in Common?

No need to drag this out regarding what do marketing, mentalism and Potter have in common? Simple. Today we hear from the Blog Coalition’s MARKET Your Journey, Become a MENTALIST and Harry POTTER Fan Club NYC. All three of these posts are done by our friend Y.E.S. Enjoy. And Happy Holidays and a Terrific New Year! We’re going on vacation like many of you are (though please be COVID-19 safe) so we’ll see you in 2021!


Does “Date Nut Bread Day” Have Anything to do with the Promotional Arts?

Today, Tuesday December 22, is known to some as being “National Date Nut Bread Day.” One could hear this, grin, and that would be that. But there seems to maybe be more to the story of Nut Bread Day. It turns out there are those who believe that “National Date Nut Bread Day” is somehow interwoven with the Promotional Arts. Is this true? Thankfully we have a series of 3 freshly minted brief posts for you to look at that come via to the Blog Coalition.

DIY Digi

How to Do Online Marketing

How to Get New Customers

Directions for a New World

Happy Winter Solstice

Your Bridge?

Blog Entries

Happy Winter Solstice everyone. It’s December 21, the shortest day of the year, and although still months away, Spring is coming. All is well here in the offices of “USA Make a Difference” and we bring you some new blog entries from today and our Blog Coalition.


The first post is from Celebify. The entry reminds us that with celebrity comes responsibility. Anyone can become famous if you want it enough and have allies like Celebify.

Create Profitable Marketing

In some ways Create Profitable Marketing picks up where Celebify left off. Becoming well known is really just a matter of marketing yourself with help from you staff and fans. If this is your path, you can cross the bridge (see photo above) to NYC and other important fame building cities on this day of the Winter Solstice.


Our third and last Blog Coalition post comes from DigiRefer, regarding becoming a manager via digital workers.

Directions for a New World

Help Us Celebrate “International Migrants Day”

December 18 is International Migrants Day

Today is a special day. International Migrants Day is an attempt to bring the right of every human being to freedom as explored in the following posts:



Blog Coalition

Directions for a New World

Brothers Who Made History and a Difference

Brothers who made history? No we’re not speaking of the Stamas Bros, instead we are referring to Orville and Wilbur. Who? The Wright Brothers of course. Orville and Wilbur ultimately made a difference in the lives of many by successfully flying a plane in 1903. These Bros are our jumping off point for the three posts that we have selected for you today.

Yianni Stamas




“Entertainment is a Form of Giving Back”

Would you eat this?

Especially now during a Pandemic, we believe that entertainment is a form of “making a difference” because it can take our minds off of things and sometimes even make us laugh Below we have some links you might find entertaining. They are inked by our prolific partner. Each one is on the topic of today’s date: December 16. Oh, and if you are wondering why we feature chocolate brownies in today’s image above, all will make sense if you read these posts, each from a different blog.

Entertainment Entrepreneurship

Artist Steps

Stamas Bros

Directions for a New World

People Making a Difference Without Even Realizing it.

Education, Laughter and Clubs

Do you know, or know of, someone who is in your community and is making a difference without even realizing it? Observing someone making a difference is a wonderful thing to see. There are several blogs online that were created with good intentions and a positive purpose such as giving us education, or making us laugh or even bringing people together through a club.

Giving Us Education

USA eLearning is a blog that creates eBooks and then has them distributed via someone else to provide “How To” education.

Making Us Laugh

Bigfoot Zombie follows the escapades of Bigfoot Zombie and can sometimes make us laugh.

Bringing Us Together Through a Club

Disneyite is a club that has the mission to give Disneyites from all over the world a place where they feel they can belong.

Directions for a New World

My Mountains to Climb

Do you have a mountain to climb?

A Dream and a Reality

Strangely enough December 11th, today, is International Mountain Day. I’ll tell you why I find it odd. It is because of a dream I had last night that relates. In it I was faced with mountains to climb and the way that my life was closing in on me. I asked myself if I was going to fight for my life and climb my tallest mountains?

Designed to Take You Down

And the answer is, yes, of course. I am blessed to have much to live for in the relationships I have with family and friends. Even though like many of us, there are people willing and able to push us to the edge of the cliff. These people have mountains to hike up too but are ignoring them to fight you? Is that a productive action to take on their part? No, I believe they should stop meddling in other people’s business and instead climb their own mountains.

Aiming for Blogs

And again, yes, it is International Mountains Day and we have linked to a share from Yianni Stamas and his Blog Coalition journey that he is taking at the moment. The first entry is from NYC AIM, the apprentice program he developed that at first was in-person but not is online only.

Please NYC, Create

Next is USA Create. In this stop on his trek he examines International Mountain Day in motion now, as mentioned, December 11’s annual check-in with all of us, letting us know more about the part that mountains play in our live.


Another site that Yianni Stamas is reporting on today is that was originated at the New York Public Library. This occurred about 8 or 9 years ago during the early days of the Platinum PIAs which is an awards show. After an amazing 10 years, this event is transitioning to being under the warm care of us here at USA Make a Difference.