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The mission of USA Make a Difference is to work toward a solution for civil unrest and the pandemic by helping you use web communication arts to make a difference as you GROW your business. We volunteer many hours weekly to help the nearly 60 blogs in our blog coalition to develop and post new written content with a focus on education and making a difference. Also, in the past we had a prior company that was quite successful and had a wonderful run of 12 years in what we believe is still one of the world’s best cities internationally, Manhattan, NY. During that period we had as clients, top small businesses, nonprofits, the New York Public Library and the NYC Department of Education. And now we are taking that experience and applying to our many websites as well as helping New York City companies and those across the USA to grow their businesses while making a difference. Our goal is to empower you and thereby generate positive and inclusive perspectives as a part of a remedy for the turbulence our country is facing at the current time.


Our founder is committed to participating in the revival and reinvention of NYC. He has had as clients or collaborators well known actors of film and TV as well as large nonprofits, public school institutions and libraries. He received his bachelors degree (Media) and masters (Arts Administration) while in his 50s and is a staunch advocate against ageism. His passion is making a difference by helping others to make a difference. Part of the methodology to achieve this has been an annual community awards show that ran for a decade in NYC called the Platinum PIAs. The show’s mission is to celebrate individuals who make a difference in their communities either online or off. We affectionately call these folks PIAs (People Into Altruism). The first Platinum PIAs performance occurred in 2010 in the Tribeca Screening Room which was followed by a 10-year annual run until 2019 with the death of a dear friend who had been central to the show’s process.


Then, the following year on the morning of November 24th 2020, we decided to create a collective of people, working together virtually, to help those wanting to get the word out about their career, small business, nonprofit or startup in a meaningful way. We see this as combining the best of commerce with humanitarianism. Some people call it “Cause Marketing.”


Wikipedia defines cause marketing as:

“Cause marketing is marketing done for a for-profit business that seeks to both increase profits and to better society in accordance with corporate social responsibility, such as by including activist messages in advertising.”


For individuals, small businesses, nonprofits, and startups, we offer strategic communication outreach digital products and services along with world class education procedures to work toward helping you to acquire more flow into your business, all the while impacting your community in a positive way. Products, services, and digital tools of USA Make a Difference include blog creation, blog publicity (potentially being featured in up to 3 of community blogs, contingent on having a meaningful story ), Email Marketing, Strategic Creative Consulting and much, much more. USA Make a Difference tools are carefully created and customized to meet the your unique requirements with an eye toward you being profitable while having a positive impact.

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